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Retired Limited Edition Girls of Today

In response to girls asking to read about American Girls of Today, in Fall of 2001, Pleasant Company introduced Lindsey, a girl of today with a paperback book telling her story and some accessories all her own. She was only available for a year, and the idea was that a different American Girl of Today would be introduced each year or so. In the Summer of 2003, Kailey, the second modern American Girl, made her appearance. Then, on December 27, 2004, Marisol Luna, the third limited edition girl, was introduced. The fourth Girl of the Year was Jess McConnell. She was introduced December 26, 2005. The fifth Girl of the Year was Nicki Fleming. She was introduced January 1, 2007. The sixth Girl of the Year is Mia St. Clair. She was introduced January 2008.

The first seven modern girls are shown and described below. Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa and all of their items (except their books) have been retired, but the easiest way to find and collect these items is via online auctions such as Ebay. The Ebay logo's below link to Ebay searches for Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess and Nicki's retired American Girl doll items.

Below the Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess and Nicki sections on this page, are listed the Girls of Today items that have been retired over the past twenty-one years.


Chrissa. Chrissa Maxwell and her family have just moved, and she has to start at a new school mid-year. Will she fit in? Can she find new friends? On her first day, Chrissa is seated with three girls who greet her with teasing and tricks. The Mean Bees really know how to sting - they bully Chrissa in class, on the bus, online, and even at swim club. Chrissa can't seem to make any new friends; not even with the girl who seems to need a friend the most. When the biggest bully becomes Chrissa's swimming rival, the taunting finally goes too far. Now it's up to Chrissa. Will she find a way to stand strong and stop the bullying?

Chrissa Maxwell was first unveiled to advertising professionals in October 2008. Chrissa and her collection was released January 6, 2009.

Chrissa's book is entitled Chrissa Stands Strong and was written by Mary Casanova and illustrated by Richard Jones. It will be released December 2008. She is the first American Girl of Today to have her own movie. It is entitled "Chrissa Stands Strong" and is due in January 2009. It stars Sammi Hanratty (pictured right) as Chrissa. Sammi plays the role of young Chuck Charles in the excellent Pushing Daisies television series. The DVD is directed by Martha Coolidge and also stars Timothy Bottoms, Adair Tishler (who plays Molly in the Heroes televison series), Joanne Baron, Don Franklin, Annabeth Gish, Jennifer Tilly and Michael Learned, who played the mother on The Waltons.

Chrissa's Collection

Chrissa Doll

Chrissa Book

Chrissa Stands Strong Book

Chrissa Stands Strong DVD Movie


Mia. Ten-year-old Mia St. Clair loves skating. She has grown up playing ice hockey with her three older brothers and has the skills she needs to become a star hockey player. But she's tired of skating in her brothers' shadows and has decided to pursue her passion for figure skating instead. With the help of a new coach, Mia finds out whether she has what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skater.

Mia St. Clair was first unveiled on the November 21, 2007 episode of The Oprah Whinfrey Show, but Mia and her collection weren't officially released until January 1, 2008. She was available for only one year and by mid-December 2008 almost all of her items, except for her books, were sold out.

Mia is the second American Girl of Today to have two books. They are entitled Mia and Bravo, Mia! both were published January 2008 and were written by Laurence Yep.

Mia's Collection

Mia Doll and Book

Mia's Silver Skate Dress

Mia's Practice Outfit & Skates

Mia's Performance Outfit

Mia's 2-in-1 Skate Outfit

Mia's Pajamas Set

Mia's Accessories

Mia's Hair Clips & Case

Mia's Purple Skates

Mia's Bedroom Accessories

Mia's Bedroom Furniture

Mia's Ice Rink

Mia Paperback Book

Bravo, Mia! Paperback Book

Mia's Starter Collection

Mia Goes for Great - PC Video Game


Nicki. Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. She's also compassionate, dependable... and very busy! When the chance to train a service dog comes up, she just can't say "no," even if it means taking on more responsibility and having to give up some of the things she loves doing. When Sprocket the puppy turns out to be a handful, Nicki has to muster all of her compassion to continue his training. She knows that one day Sprocket will make someone else's life better--and that makes all the difference. When she isn't training Sprocket to be a service dog, she's helping her mother, who is expecting twins soon. Yet Nicki is dreading the fall -- that's when Sprocket will have to leave for more training and eventual placement with a person with special needs. The beginning of the school year also means she's stuck in the middle -- caught between her two best friends, Kris and Becca, who can't seem to get along. Can Nicki find a way to let Sprocket go and keep both of her good friends close?

Nicki is the first American Girl of Today to have two books. They are entitled Nicki published December 2006 and Thanks to Nicki which was published in May 2007. Both books were written by Ann Howard Creel and illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami.

Nicki Fleming was introduced January 1, 2007 and she became sold out December 2007. Although the Nicki doll has been retired, both of her books are still available.

Nicki's Collection

Nicki Doll and Book
Nicki's SkiWear
(Sweater, Nylon Ski Pants, Mittens, Slipper Socks, Vest & Lift Ticket)

Nicki's Ranch Outfit

Nicki's Tie Top & Shorts

Nicki's Gala Outfit
Nicki's SkiGear
(Boots, Skis with Bindings, Poles, Goggles, Helmet, Race Gates & Stickers)

Nicki's Straw Hat for Dolls

Jackson's Tack Box

Jackson the Horse

Nicki's Dog-in-Training

Nicki book

Thanks to Nicki book

Nicki's Starter Collection
Nicki's Whole World
(Nicki doll, all outfits and accessories)


Jess. Jess McConnell is a curious and adventurous 10-year-old girl who's full of energy. She can't wait to explore Belize with her parents! They come from different backgrounds - her dad's Irish American and her mom's Japanese American - but they both love archeology. With her first step off the airplane and into bright tropical sunlight, Jess McConnell begins an adventure. She and her parents are spending five months at an archeological dig of ancient Maya ruins in the Central American country of Belize. It's Jess's first time out of the United States. It's her first time being home-schooled. And it's her first trip without her older brother and sister to keep her company. But Jess is excited to explore a new place all on her own. She's ready for adventure and anxious to discover just who Jess is.

Jess's book is entitled Jess and was written by Mary Casanova. The book was published December 30, 2005 by American Girl Publishing.

Jess McConnell was introduced December 26, 2005 and she became sold out December 30th, 2006. Although the Jess doll has been retired, her book is still available.

Jess's Collection

Jess Doll and Book

Jess's 2-in-1 Kayaking Outfit

Jess's Pajamas

Travel Accessories

Kayak and Gear

Motor Scooter and Helmet

Tree Swing

Jess Book

Jess's Starter Collection

Jess's Whole World


Marisol. Marisol Luna is a lively 10-year-old girl who was born to dance. She's a fourth-grader who lives with her loving parents in a busy and largely Hispanic neighborhood in the heart of Chicago. Marisol goes to school (where she is a Two-Square champion) takes care of her cat, Rascal, plays with the kids in her neighborhood, and takes dance lessons. Ballet folklorico (Mexican folkdance) is her favorite type of dance -- and where she really shines -- but she's been exposed to some jazz and a little tap. She's also taking ballet, but she's new to it and a little impatient with its rigors. Her attitude towards ballet changes only slightly when she meets a wonderful new neighbor. Miss Mendoza is a former Rockette who gently reminds Marisol that ballet is worth working hard at, because it's the basis for all serious dance. The upsetting news that her family is moving out to the suburbs is made worse when Marisol learns that the dance studio in her new neighborhood has closed. No tap, no ballet folklorico -- not even ballet. She may have to take karate lessons! Instead, with the help of new friends, resourceful Marisol finds a way to keep dancing. She learns how to combine the best of her old world with a renewed commitment to stretch and grow and try her hardest, no matter how challenging it might be.

Marisol Luna was introduced December 27, 2004 and she became retired due to sell out on December 15, 2005. All of her items are no longer available with the exception of her book.

Marisol's Collection

Marisol Doll and Book

Spotlight Outfit

Ballet Outfit

Tap Dance Outfit

Dance Duffel Bag with Accessories & Rascal her pet cat

Spotlight Stage & Tiara

Silver Trunk with Jazz Outfit, 2 Dance Boas and Accessories

Marisol Book

Marisol's Starter Collection

Marisol's Whole World (Marisol doll, all outfits and accessories)


Kailey. Kailey Hopkins is a compassionate, athletic ten-year-old girl who loves the ocean more than anything. She feels right at home boogie boarding in the crashing waves, but has to find courage she didn't know she had when a development threatens her beach!

Kailey was introduced in the Summer of 2003. In July, 2004, Kailey was retired. All of her items are no longer available with the exception of her book.

Kailey's Collection

Meet Kailey (Sundress, Matching Underwear, Beaded Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet, Woven Bag with Frisbee & Paperback Book)

Wet Suit, Water Socks & Bikini

Snorkel Set (Snorkel, Mask, Fins & Underwater Camera with Sticker Film)

Boogie Board (Boogie Board with Wrist Leash, Purple Board Bag and a Board Wax Jar filled with lip balm)

Kailey's Beach Towel

Sandy the Dog with Lavender Bandanna

Kailey Book


Lindsey Bergman is a funny, good-hearted ten-year-old girl who just can't help wanting to...well, help! She's trying to turn her teachers into lovebirds, keep her school safe from bullies, plan her brother's bar-mitzvah, get her grumpy uncle to smile, and find her lost dog - all at once. But sometimes her best intentions bring more trouble than success.

Lindsey was introduced in the 2001 Holiday catalog and her items were available through Dec. 31, 2002. She had curly auburn hair and bright blue eyes. She was dressed in a sporty green T-shirt and a khaki skirt. Her hooded sweater had contrasting stripes at the cuffs that matched her colorful striped tights. Lindsey wore red ankle boots and a beaded bobby pin to hold back her bangs.

Lindsey has been retired and with the exception of her book, all of her items are no longer available.

Lindsey's Collection

Meet Lindsey

Scooter, Gloves & Helmet

Laptop & Bag (Disks, Notebook, Pencil, Computer Bag)

Lindsey Book

Retired Girls of Today Items

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2001    2002    2003    2004    2005    2006
2007    2008
Accessories      Furniture

The line of American Girls of Today 18" doll outfits was formally introduced in 1995 and has continued to this day. About three-quarters of the 364 American Girls of Today items introduced by Pleasant Co. since 1995 have been retired and are no longer available. 

These 271 retired items include 156 retired outfits, 85 retired accessory sets and 30 retired pieces of furniture. These retired items are shown and described below. This page is organized by the year in which each retired item was first introduced.

As with the retired historical American Girl doll items, Ebay remains the best source of obtaining retired Girls of Today items. The Ebay logo below links to an Ebay search for retired American Girl of Today doll items.

Retired Outfits


Hospital Gown I


Today Girl Outfit I

Jacket & Cap/Blue Jean Basics

Slumber Shirt I & Mini Bear

Ballet Outfit I (Pink)


American Girl 10-Year Anniversary T-shirt

Cheerleader I

School Jumper

Girl Scout Uniform

Soccer Outfit I

Kwanza Outfit

Recital Outfit I (Christmas Recital)

Hanukkah Outfit

Chinese New Years Outfit

Swimming Outfit I

In-Line Skating Outfit & Gear

Earth Day Outfit

Culotte Dress

Fleece Robe & Slippers

Slumber Shirt II (Turquoise)

Plaid Nightie

AG Pajamas


Terrific Tubing (Parka, Mittens, Snow Pants, Boots, Tube)

Dogsled Outfit

Ice Skating Outfit I (Skating Star)

Downhill Racer Outfit I (Silver One-piece suit)

Apres Ski Wear


Today Girl Outfit II (renamed "First Day Outfit" in 1999)

Picnic Outfit

Play Outfit

Swimming Outfit II

Snowball Sweater & Leggings
(Sweater, Leggings, Headband & Fur-lined Ankle Boots)

Holiday Bibs Outfit
(Evergreen Bibs, Creamy Blouse, Gold Shoes, Hair Ribbon & Necklace)

Holiday Dress 1998

Snowflake Jumper

Kitty Cat Costume

1950's Sock Hopper Costume

Sparkling Mermaid Costume

Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl Costume

Medieval Princess Costume

1960's Hippie Costume

Camping/Hiking Outfit

Birthday Outfit I
Equestrian Outfit I (Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit)


AG Doll Outfit III (Red Vinyl Jumper, Black Beret)

Softball Uniform I

Basketball Uniform I

Tennis Outfit I

Union Suit (Long Underwear)

Plaid Robe & Sleep Socks

Snooze Shirt & AG Bear Slippers

AG Boxer Pajamas

Gymnastics Outfit I & Gear

Martial Arts Outfit

Modern Dance Outfit (Crushed Velour Leotard, Chiffon Wrap Skirt, Removable Sleeve Puffs, Satin Slippers, Hair Wrap, Towel, Water Bottle & Duffel Bag)

Year 2000 Outfit
(Shimmery Skirt, Sparkly Knit Tank Top, Tights & Platform Shoes)

Cheerleader Outfit II

Pop Star Outfit (Originally called Karaoke Outfit)


AG Doll Outfit IV/Urban Outfit

Twilight Holiday Outfit (Jacket, Skirt, Blue Knee-High Stockings & Shoes)

Berry Christmas Outfit

Varsity Jacket & Hat

Stars & Stripes Sleep Set

Nightshirt & Slipper Set

Purple Eyelet Pajamas & Pouch

Breezy Day Outfit

Perfect Plaid Outfit

Serenade Outfit
(White Satin Blouse, Velvet Jumper, Tights, Party Shoes & Headband)

Recital Outfit II

Budding Artist Outfit
(Overalls, T-shirt, Splatter Print Overshirt, Tennis Shoes & Hair Clip)

Velour Sweat Suit

Cargo Outfit

Dockside Outfit
(Skort, Hooded Shirt, Sneakers & Hat)


Skateboarding Outfit

Downhill Ski Outfit II

Camping Outfit

Fly Fishing Outfit (Blue Denim Shirt, Khaki Vest with Pockets, Blue Nylon Wader Pants, Blue and Khaki Checked Hat & Rubber Boots)

Periwinkle Dress & Hat

Poolside Plaid Outfit

Picnic Outfit II

Spring Flower Outfit

Petal Pink Outfit

Ice Blue Outfit

Garnet Holiday Outfit

Sugar Plum Coat

Ballet Costume II
Gymnastics Outfit II
Soccer Outfit II


Jacket & Skirt
AG Doll Outfit V (Go Anywhere Outfit)
Ballet Outfit III
(Swan Lake)

Denim Jumper

Field Trip Outfit

Flower Power Outfit

Ruffled Tankini

Starry Night Outfit
Ski Trip Outfit
Dot Pajamas
Gardening Outfit
Junior Bridesmaid Dress
Flower Garden Outfit
Sporty School Outfit
Weekend Baking Outfit
Ice Skating Outfit II (Ice Dance Outfit)
Snowflake Satin Pajamas
Spa Robe & Slippers
Wood Fairy Costume


Birthday Party Outfit II
Paisley Dress Outfit
Blue Floral Nightgown
Rock Climbing Outfit
Valentine Party Outfit
Radiant Rhinestone Holiday 2003 Outfit (Dress, Velvet Mules & White Coat)
Golden Holiday Dress [AG Place & Online Only]
(Tights, Golden slippers, Hair clips, Faux Pearl-and-Gemstone Necklace & Rhinestone Stick-on Earrings)
Fancy Flowers & Accessories
Soccer Outfit III
Bowling Outfit
Glitter Jeans
Beachside Outfit
Cheerleader Outfit III
Coconut's Best Friend Outfit


Heart-Print PJ's & Backpack
Memorable Moments Outfit
Warm Up Outfit & Mat
Winter Magic Outfit (Stretch-velvet Top, Removable Faux Fur Collar, Layered Ballet Skirt, Textured Tights & Mary Jane Shoes)
Merry Moonlight Outfit (Velvet Dress, Stockings, Cape, Brooch, Gloves, Purse, Rhinestone Hair Clips & Mary Jane Shoes)
Starflower Outfit
Weekend Fun Outfit
Garden Party Outfit (Two-Layer Dress, Matching Sandals, Choker & Wide-Brimmed Hat)
Snowboarding Outfit
Jacket & Cap Set
Coconut Pajamas
Sparkly Sport Outfit
Bell-Sleeves Flower PJs Outfit
Spider Witch Costume
AG Doll Outfit VI (Ready for Fun Outfit)
Black Logo Tee for Dolls
Gymnastics Outfit III [2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit] (Leotard, Beam shoes, Hair Scrunchie, Nylon Pants, Zip-front Jacket, Bouquet of Silk Flowers & Gold Medal)
Soccer Outfit IV (Go USA Soccer Outfit)
Grecian Princess Costume
Bubble Robe Outfit
(Robe, Slippers, Headband, Bath Tote, Toothbrush, Braces Case, Stick-on Braces)
Tropical Breezes Outfit


Chocolate Cherry Outfit
(Cherry-red Dress, Chocolate-brown Skirt, Faux-fur Collar, Furry Cuffs, Brown Slippers & Stick-on Earrings)
Zip-Up Sweatsuit for Dolls
(Zip-up Sweatshirt, Matching Pants, White Socks & Sneakers)
Sightseeing Outfit
(Tasseled Crocheted Poncho, Turtleneck, Silk Corsage, Flounced Tweed Skirt, Boots, Angora Beret & Mini Travel Planner)
Star PJ's for Dolls
(Top, Pants, Slippers & Ponytail Holder)
Flapper Costume
(Dress, Headband, Nechlace, Gloves, Shoes & Treat Bag)
On-the-Go Outfit
(Denim Jacket, Pink Tank Top, Velour Skirt, Pink Footless Tights, Pants with side Stripes, Headband, Mule Sneakers & Mini Address Book)
Horse Lover Outfit
Tennis Outfit II
Seaside Wardrobe (Three Outfits)
Birthday Girl Outfit
Butterfly Brocade Outfit
Licorice's Best Friend Outfit
Paisley Print PJ's for Dolls
(Top, Pants, Pointed-toe Satin Slippers, Sleep Mask, Two Ponytail Holders & Mini Memory Book)
Ice Skating Outfit III (2-in-1 Ice Skating Outfit)
(Unitard, Sparkly Shrug, Ice Skates, Skate Guards, Rhinestone Bobby Pins & Gold Medal)
Gala Party Dress
(Brocade Dress with a Ribbon Belt, Skirt Layered ith Tulle and Mesh, Sling-back Shoes, Gloves & Rhinestone Ponytail Holder)
Basketball Uniform II


Reversible Robe
(Robe, Turban, Toenail Stickers, Slippers & Stories You'll Love Book)
Sweetheart Skirt
(Sleeveless Lace Top, Skirt with Embroidery, Crocheted Espadrilles with Crisscross Ankle Ties, Two Heart-shaped Hair Clips, Scarf, Woven Purse, Sweet Smarts Mini-mystery Book)
AG Doll Outfit V (I Like Your Style)
(Long-Sleeved Tee with a Flower Graphic, Periwinkle Skort, Silver-Trimmed Boots with a Bow in Back, Underwear and Ponytail Holder)
Sweet Sequins Party Outfit
(Beaded and Sequined Faux-Wrap Sweater Top, Crinkle Skirt with Lace- and Sequin-Trimmed Mesh Ruffle, Tights, Embellished Ballet Flats & Friends on Thin Ice Book)
Wintry Weekend Outfit
(Brocade Vest with Faux Fur Trim over her Ribbed, Mock-Neck Bodysuit, Sequined Velvet Shorts, Patterned Knit Tights, Boots, Furry Headband with Pom-Poms & Holiday Stories Book)
"Let It Snow" Sleep Set
(Studded Snowflake Tee, Gaucho Pants with Cut-Edge Hem, Fuzzy Embroidered Slippers, Sleep Cap, Coconut Mug & Mini Mysteries Book)
Coconut Play Outfit
(Long-Sleeved Tee, Pant that convert to Bermuda Shorts, SSneakers, Four Hair Clips & Coconut's Fun Book)
Petals and Plaid Outfit
(Tee, Skirt, Tennies, Jacket, Hair Clips & The Good Vibes Club Book)
Sparkly Tunic and Jeans Outfit
(Embroidered Tunic, Worn-In Denim Jeans, Faux-Suede Embroidered Clogs, Six Hair bands & Show Time Book)
Soccer Outfit V (2-in-1 Soccer Outfit)
(Nylon Shorts, White "Home" Jersey, Teal "Away" Jersey, Headband, Two Ponytail Holders, Socks, Cleats, Shin Guards, a Ball, Ball Bag & The Venus, Tara, and the Big Game Book)
Gymnastics Outfit IV (Rhythmic Gymnastics Set)
(Leotard, Scrunchie, Foldable Mat, Ribbon Wand, Plastic Hoop, Pair of Clubs, Foam Ball & Includes Fantastic Gymnastics Book)
Ballet Recital Outfit
(Gown, Toe Shoes, Hair Clips, Program & Angel in Training Book)
Cheerleader Outfit IV
(Top, Pleated Skirt, Bloomers, Sport Shoes, Striped Socks, Ribbon Ponytail Holder, Blue-and-Purple Pom-Poms, Megaphone that can be personalized with Stickers & Go Team! a Book of Cheers and Chants)
Reversible Robe
(Robe, Turban, Toenail Stickers, Slippers & Stories You'll Love Book)
Embroidered Party Dress
(Dress, Metallic Sandals & Six Star-shaped Hair Clips)
Kickin' Back Outfit
(Cropped Pants, Embroidered and Sequined Diagonal-striped Tank Top, Green Hoodie Jacket, Metallic Sandals & Matching Ponytail Holders)


Skateboard Outfit for Doll & Book
Midnight Holly Outfit
Velveteen Coat
Santa's Helper Outfit
Sleepover Pajamas
Track Suit
Ruby Ballet Outfit (Ballet IV)
(with I Love Ballet Book)
2-in-1 Ballerina Set (Ballet V)
(with Sheba Lee Book)
Irish Dance Costume
(with My Lucky Charms Book)
Kitty Cat Costume II
(with Mini Mini Mysteries 2 Book)
Mermaid Costume II
(with Mini Mini Mysteries 2 Book)
Island Vacation Outfit
(with Vacation Story, Book)
Island Luau Outfit
(with Beach Reading Book)
Pretty Print Outfit
(with Tickets for Two? Book)
Karate Training Set
(with Kendal: Karate Girl Book)
Dance-Team Spirit Set(Cheerleading V)
(with 29 Teamwork Tips Book)
Satin Floral PJ Set
(with Favorite Feelings Book)
Flower Garden Dress
(with Poetry Potpourri Book)


Scarlet & Snow Outfit for Dolls & Book
Snuggly Snow PJ's for Dolls & Book
Silver Belle Outfit for Dolls & Book
Springtime Sundress & Book
Coconut Fun Outfit & Book

Retired Accessories

Today Girl Accessories I

Today Girl Accessories II
(Renamed "First Day Accessories" in 1999)

Today Girl Accessories III

Today Girl Accessories Accessories IV
(Urban Accessories)

Today Girl Accessories V (Go Anywhere Accessories)

Today Girl Accessories VI (Ready For Fun Accessories)
Today Girl Accessories VII (I Like Your Style Accessories)

School Lunch

School Lunch II
(Munchable Lunch)

School Gear

Butterfly Table Partyware (Place Mats, Plates, Cups, Napkins, Napkin Rings, Pitcher, Centerpiece, Hair Clip For Girls)

Butterfly Party Accessories (Cake, Cake Stand, Place Cards, Cupcakes, Blowouts, Stickers, Gift Box With Necklace, Confetti)


Husky Dog

Downhill Ski Gear

Apres Ski Gear
(Leg Cast, Crutches, Spinning Toy, Paper Dolls, Tic-Tac-Toe Game and Drink Carrier)
Grecian Unicorn Costume (For Horses)
Horse Styling Kit
(Bands, Clips, Stickers, Hair Pick, Brush, Horse Styling Cape, Comb, Ribbons, Snaps, Flowers, Hair Extensions)

Reversible Schoolbag for Dolls (Bag, Box Lunch, Sandwich, Drink, Cupcake, Yogurt, Denim Watch, mini Writing Smarts Book)

Socks & Tights

Great Skates
(Skates and Skate Guards)
Ice Skates and Guards
Snowboarding Accessories
Winter Magic Outfit (Faux-fur Muff, Earmuffs, Mini Gift Box, 4 Greeting Cards, Jingle Bell Ornament)
Chocolate Cherry Headband Accessories
(Headband, Red Velour Stocking, Pretend Candy Cane, Gift Box, Thank-you Notes & Peppermint Lip Gloss for Girls)

Backpack & Laptop

Backpack Essentials
(Backpack, Water Bottle & First Aid Kit)

Suitcase & Backpack
Holiday Gift Set for Dolls
Holiday Accessories

Gray Sneakers
Sleepover Kit
Sleepover Food & Fun
(Tablet of Paper, Collapsible Travel Easel, Paint Set, Palette, Paintbrushes, 4 Pencils & Apron Smock)
Island Scooter Set
(Scooter & Helmet)
Sand & Surf Set
(Towel, Sunglasses, Surfboard with Ankle Strap, Snorkel, Mask & Swim Fins)
Coconut's Vet Set
Coconut & Friend Carrier
Sweet Sequins Party Accessories
(Curly Faux-Fur Collar with a Wide Bow, Holographic Tiara, Stick-On Earrings, Engraved Pretend Locket Watch & Spinning Noisemaker)
Computer Set
(Doll-Sized Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Tower & Two Pretend Disks)
Strappy Flats
Metallic Sport Shoes
Casual Clogs
Berry Stitched Tennies
Butterfly Bedding

Berry Beach Boots

Baby Stroller for Dolls
(Stroller, 9-inch Baby Doll with Pink Sleeper and Ruffled Hat & Purple Plush Bunny)

Beach Boots

Zip Ankle Boots

Lilac Doll Glasses I

Rectangle Doll Glasses

Purple Doll Sunglasses

Orienteering Accessories
(Wrist Compass, Trail Map, Binoculars & Coleman Lantern)

Camping Utensils

Camp Survival Kit

Fly Fishing Gear (Working Fly Fishing Pole, Fish Net, Three Fish, Fish Lures, Tackle Box & License)

Gardening Tools

Picnic Goodies

Patio Party Treats
(Cake, Candle, 3 Balloons, Gift Box and 3 Boxes of Beads, Charms, Rainbow Cording & Elastic String)

Summertime Toys
(Frisbee, Bubbles, Ribbon Baton, Jump Rope and Paddle-Ball)

Birthday Party Accessories

Birthday Cookout
(2 hamburgers, 2 Tortilla Chip Bags, 2 Watermelon Slices, Aluminum Pitcher, Catsup, Mustard, 4 Place Settings: [Plate, Tumblers, Straw, Fork, Spoon, Napkin])

Patio Decorations
(Straw Mat, Bucket of Seashells, Plant, Strand of lanterns, Kite, Pinata, Blindfold, Wooden Stick and Pretend Candy)

Tropical Table Settings
(4 Cupcakes, 4 Melty Mints, Starfish Cake, Glass Cake Stand, Seashells, Daisies, Rose Centerpiece and 4 Place Settings: [Plate, Tumbler, Fork, Napkin, Napkin Ring])

Scooter, Gloves & Helmet


Trail Bike

Weekend Baking Accessories (Working Mixer, Mixing Bowl, 3 Dress-Shaped Cookie Cutters, Spatula, Pretend Cookies, Cookie Sheets, Pastry Bag, Make-Believe Sprinkles & Recipe Card)

Beach Accessories I

Beach Accessories II

Egg Hunt Accessories
(Painted Metal basket, Pink Grass, Three Easter Eggs, Pretty Purse & Bunny Ears for Coconut)

Beachy Birthday Gift Kit
(Doll-sized Picture Frame, Seashells, Starfish, Sand Dollar, Gift Box, Craft Glue & Photo)

Croquet Set

Nighttime Necessities

Slumber Party Gear & Bear
(Mini AG Bear, Twister, Magic 8 Ball, 4 Pairs of Non-Skid Socks)

Nighttime Treats

Bedding Set I
(Quilt, 2 Sheets, 2 Pillowcases, Star Pillow, Dream Journal & Pencil)

Journal Pillow & Rug

Dream Big Bedding Set for Dolls (Bedcover, Sheet, Pillowcase, Reading Pillow, Curtain, Stickers)

Dream Big Journal Pillow & Rug

Artist Tools of the Trade
(Wooden Easel, 3 Primed Canvas Boards)

Rainbow Paint Set
(Color Wheel, Palette, 2 Brushes & 5 Tubes of Acrylic Paint)

School Supplies

Mini Macintosh Computer

Talent Show Accessories

Glitter Guitar

Karaoke Machine

Sparkle Keyboard

Flowers & Favors

Year 2000 Celebration Kit
(Purse, Blow Out, Noisemaker, "2000" Tiara, Shiny Streamers & Sparkly Confetti)

Starry Night Accessories

Garnet Holiday Accessories

Radiant Rhinestone Holiday Accessories (Tiara, Choker, Stick-On Earrings, Velvet Clutch Purse & A Coconut Ornament in a Gift Box)

Twilight Accessories
(Headband, Stick-On Jewels, Shoulder Bag & Gift Box with Surprise Inside)

Holiday Sparkle Tree

Sweet Christmas Treats
(Wicker basket, 5 Cookie Cutters, Rolling Pin, Cookie Tin, Lace Doily, 6 Pretend Cookies)

Kwanza Accessories
Egg Tree Accessories
(Easter Egg Tree, 12 Sparkly Eggs, Carton, Four Carrots, Bunny Tree Topper & Pretend Chocolate Bunny)

Bedding Set II

Flower Sleepover Kit

Spa Treatment

White Tennis Shoes

Mary Janes

Light Up Embroidered Mules
Jeweled Tiara Bedding (Canopy, Tiara Topper, Reversible Floral Bedcover, Reversible Round Pillow, Stool Slipcover, Two Fun Covers for the Sconces, Perfume Bottle, Sheet of Decorative Stickers)
Travel Luggage Set
(Travel Case, Document Holder, Passport, Four Plane Tickets, Train Pass, Pretend Gum & Sheet of Travel Stickers)

Seaside Accessories (Cooler, Ice Cube Clusters, Water Bottles, Wave Pops, Beach Ball, Beach Towel, Fire Pit)

Baxter the Bunney

Doll Hair Care Kit
Hairdo Helper II
(Vinyl Case, 25 Rubber Bands, 6 Ponytail Holders, 10 Covered Elastics, Two Faux-Fur Pom-Pon Clips, 8 Rubber Rollers with instructions for cascading curls & One Big Claw Clip)

Retired Furniture

Snack Bar & Treats
Trellis Swing
Grand Piano
Flip Lounge Chair
Dance Studio Trunk
Hair Style Center II
Spotlight Stage II
Sweet Treats Table
Bubble Bath Set II
Sweet Treats Bakery Case

Curlicue Vanity

Curlicue Daybed

Fold Up Chair (Converts into Bed)

3-in-1 Bed for Dolls (Fold-out Wooden Bed, Mattress, Pillow, Closet with Shelves, Lighted Vanity with Dressing Table, Stool and more)

Seaside Cabana Set (Cabana, Lanterns, Starfish, Seashells)

Party Table And Cushions

Bubble Bath Set

Hair Style Center

Vanity Set

Sleep Sack
(Unzips to form two Comforters than can be used with the Bunk Bed)

Flower Armoire

Flower Trundle Bed

Bunk Bed
(With 2 Mattresses and 2 Pillows)

Nightstand II

Beanbag Chair & Games (Bean Bag Chair, Mini AG Bear, Magic 8-Ball, Cards and Book)

School Chalkboard & Map

School Table & Chairs

Computer Desk & Chair

School Locker

Armoire I

Trundle Bed I

Nightstand Set I

Room Decor
(Convertible Chair, Floor Lamp, Rug)

Cabana Furniture
(2 Wooden Adirondack Chairs, Round Wooden Table & Tablecloth)

Single Adirondack Cabana Chair

Lazy-Day Hammock

Patio Furniture
(Table, Umbrella and 2 Director Chairs)

American Grill

Tent & Chair

Mummy Bag

Computer Armoire

Spa Chair

Salon Chair

Wheelchair I

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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