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Emily Bennett, is a nine-year old English girl, who has come to stay with Molly McIntire's family in 1944 to escape the bombing of London during World War Two. Emily's parents sent her off with the reminder to be "a brave soldier for England," but Emily doesn't see how she can do that. Molly tries hard to make sweet, shy Emily feel at home, and soon she and Molly become best friends.

In November and December 2006, Emily was seen in "Molly: An American Girl Movie" a TV Movie which aired on the Disney Channel.

Emily was added to the collection of American Girls in September 2006. Her book is entitled Brave Emily and was written by Valerie Tripp and illustrated by Nick Backes. Even though Emily is the eleventh historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she will really be part of Molly's collection. Just like Nellie and Elizabeth, Emily will likely not be a limited edition doll.


Emily Doll and Book

Emily's Tap Costume (Dress, Cape, Hat, Socks & Tap Shoes)

Emily's Holiday Outfit (Purple Dress, Pearl Necklace, Hair Bow & Socks)

Emily's 2-Piece Swimsuit (Periwinkle Gingham Swimsuit, Straw Hat & White Canvas Sandals)

Emily's Snowsuit (Navy Snow Pants, Yellow Jacket, Snow Boots & Mittens)

Emily's Pajama's (Pajama Top & Pants)

Emily's Robe & Slippers


Emily's Accessories (Cardigan Sweater, WWII Dog Tags, Three-Pence Coin, Scrap Book, Pictures & Ration Book)

Emily's Dog - Yank the Pup

Bennet & Yank Pups

Mini Emily Doll & Book


Brave Emily by Valerie Tripp (96 pages, ISBN: 1593692110)


In 2007, Emily's trading cards were retired. In 2009, Emily's Recital Outfit, Flutophone and Sled were retired.

Emily's Recital Outfit (Dress, Shiny White T-strap Shoes and Two Lace-covered Barrettes)

Emily's Flutophone Set (Flutophone, Music Stand and Music Box)

Emily's Sled

Emily Trading Cards (10 Cards Per Pack)

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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