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Molly McIntire is a lively, lovable schemer and dreamer growing up in 1944. The world is at war, and she misses her father who is overseas caring for wounded soldiers. Molly doesn't like many of the changes the war has brought, like rationing rubber, eating turnips for dinner, and not seeing Dad on Christmas. But she learns the importance of getting along and pulling together - just as her country must do to win the war!

Along with Samantha and Kirsten, Molly was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986.


Meet Molly

Molly's Sweater & Skirt

Molly's Recital Outfit (Dress, Coral Velvet Ribbon & Flower Corsage, Cream Satin Hair Ribbon and Cream-colored Shiny Shoes)

Molly's Skating Outfit (Blue and Red with White Accents Jacket, Red Skirt & Underwear)

Molly's Miss Victory Costume II (Leotard, Skirt, Star Headband, Socks & Tap Shoes)

Roller-Skating Outfit
(Blouse, Plaid Knee-length Culottes, White Socks, Brown Loafer Shoes & Turquoise Hairbow)

Halloween Hula Costume II

Molly's Swimming Outfit

Camp Gowonagin Outfit

Evergreen Velvet Dress II

Rain Slicker & Hat

Plaid Jumper & Blouse

Party Pinafore & Birthday Crown


Robe & Fuzzy-Wuzzies



Molly's Accessories

Molly's Percussion Set (Triangle & Striker, Tambourine with Metal Jingles, and a Pair of Cymbals)

Molly's Sleeping Bag (with Olive green duffle bag)

Molly's Curl Kit (Blow Dryer, Perm Papers, Perma Wave Box, Perm Solution Bottle, 9 Metal Perm Rods, Hair Net, 24 Bobby Pins, 2 Tortoise Shell Hair Combs, Brush & Instruction Booklet)

Molly's Ice Skates and Muffs (White Ice-Skates, Earmuffs & Muff)

Bennet & Yank Pups

Roller Skates

Molly's Puppy Bennet II

Molly's Pup Tent (Self-standing Tent, Pretend Rescue Dog application, "K-9" saddlebags & Pretend Treat)

Party Treats


Schoolbag & Supplies

Christmas Box II (Box, Snow Globe & Nurse Doll)

Nighttime Necessities II (Lamp, Alarm Clock, Book & Water Bottle)

Saddle Shoes

Shoes & Socks

China Tea Set

Camping Equipment

Hair Ribbons

Mini Molly Doll and Book


Chrome Table & Chairs

Single Chair


Molly's Bed II (Bed, White Mattress, Candy-Striped Pillow & Fringed Throw Pillow.)

Molly's Vanity Table (White Dressing Table, Skirt for Table, Stool with Fabric Color & Mirror)

Molly's Chifferobe (Chifferobe, Laundry Bag, Hanging Garment Bag & Shoe Storage) [Note: This will replace Molly's Trunk. A Chifferobe is free-standing dresser with a tall section for hangling clothes on one side]

Molly's Velvet Theatre Seats (2 Theatre Seats, 2 Tickets, Bag of Popcorn & Licorice Whips)

Molly's Stage & Screen (Stage, Curtains, Facade, 12 Stage Lights & 7 Backdrops with Scroll)

School Desk

Adirondack Beach Chair

Molly's Camp Gowonagin Tent

Books & Movies

Molly Book Collection

Meet Molly

Molly Learns a Lesson

Molly's Surprise

Happy Birthday, Molly

Molly Saves the Day

Changes for Molly

Welcome to Molly's World

Molly's Art Studio

A Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery by Alison Hart

The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery by Sarah M. Buckey [ISBN: 1593691599]

Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery

Molly: An American Girl On The Home Front DVD

Molly's Variety Show Event Kit
(Apparently Only Available to Book Distributors)

Molly's Magnetic Mini World

Molly's Cooking Studio (52-Page Book, Cookie Cutter, 20 Table Talkers & 10 Reusable Place Cards)

Molly Story Collection II

Molly Frame Puzzles
(Three 50-piece oval-shaped puzzles)

Molly's Fashion Studio

Molly Just For Fun Book

Molly's Paper Dolls


Prior to the Holiday 1994 catalog, Molly's Evergreen Velvet Dress had no buttons on the front and had a wider band of lace at the sleeves and neck, but starting with that catalog, her velvet dress featured 6 buttons down the front and narrower lace trim.

Molly's 1997 Special Edition outdoor outfit was a cute tennis outfit complete with tennis racquet. A very adorable Halloween hula costume which was introduced prior to 1991 was retired in 2001. To tie-in with Molly's new Halloween Craft Book, the Hula Costume was reintroduced in July 2004. The grass skirt in the new Hula costume is shiny plastic, whereas the original costume's skirt was made from paper.

From the time it was introduced through 1997, Molly's Winter Activities set was comprised of a Miss Victory costume, paper dolls and a kaleidoscope. In 1998 the set was redesigned. Gone was the costume and in its place an alarm clock, ear drops, a box of kleenex and a war poster were added. This new set was later retired completely in 1999. In the Spring of 1999, the Miss Victory costume became available by itself as it still is today.

Originally, Molly's school lunch featured a brown paper bag, but in Winter 2000 it was replaced with a nifty metal lunchbox. Molly is the only American Girl doll to have had her table and chair set replaced with a new design. Her first set was a wooden drop-leaf table and matching chairs. In Spring 1999, the wooden chairs were made available separately. The wooden set was retired and replaced by the current chrome set in Spring 2000.

Revamped versions of Molly's Christmas Stocking and Christmas Box made their appearance in the Holiday 1994 catalog. Originally the ballerina doll that came with the Stocking was an articulated wooden doll which was replaced with the current white plastic one. Molly's Christmas Box set originally featured a real glass spherical snow globe with a wooden base. In 1994 the globe was replaced with a plastic dome style globe with a red plastic base. Also, the nurse doll included in the Christmas Box set was redesigned in 1994. Finally, another item that went through a change was the Disney flipbook in Molly's Christmas stocking set. The book featured Donald Duck in 1993, Mickey Mouse in 1994 and from 1995 to present it featured a scene from the movie "Fantasia" which was originally released in 1940.

In July 2004, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Josefina, Addy and Kit's "Stories & Outfits Collections with Caddy" were all retired.

Molly's Radio was retired after becoming sold out in February 2005, and in August, Molly's Victory Garden Dress was retired.

January 2006 saw the retirement of Molly's Route 66 Outfit and her bicycle and in February 2006, all of the historical girl short story books were retired including all five of Molly's short stories. Molly's Miss Victory costume was retired in April 2006. June 2006 saw the discontinuation of Molly's original Bed, Aviator outfit and Party Treats. Her bed was retired in favor of a slightly redesigned version as was her Nighttime Necessities set. Finally, December 2006 brought the retirement of Molly's After-school Outfit and her Dude Ranch Outfit.

In 2007, a number of items of Molly's collection were retired including her Umbrella and Galoshes, Route 66 Accessories, Plaid Suitcase, Christmas Stocking III, Embroidered Cowboy Boots, Classic Brown Oxfords and large Trunk, Molly's Route 66 Adventure, Have A Molly Halloween, Molly's Mystery Party Game, Molly's Movie Trading Cards, Lights! Camera! Molly: A Behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide, Story Collection book, Short Story Collection and both posters.

Tennis Outfit, Tennis Racket & Tennis Ball

Route 66 Outfit

Victory Garden Dress

Evergreen Velvet Dress I

Aviator Outfit

Halloween Hula Costume I

Miss Victory Costume I

After-school Outfit & Oxfords

Dude Ranch Outfit
(Western Blouse, Pleated Skirt, Cowboy Hat & Canteen)

Embroidered Cowboy Boots

Umbrella & Galoshes

Classic Brown Oxfords

Route 66 Accessories

Plaid Suitcase

Party Games I

Capture the Flag Gear (Armband, Flag, Whistle, Canoe Paddle, Bean Can with Bugs, Letter, Picture)

Christmas Box I (Box, Snow Globe & Nurse Doll) until 1993

Christmas Stocking I (Stocking, Ballerina Doll (wooden), Yo-yo, Flip book (Donald Duck), Barettes, Candy Cane & Paint Set) until 1993

Christmas Stocking II (Stocking, Ballerina Doll (plastic), Yo-yo, Flip book (Mickey Mouse), Barettes, Candy Cane & Paint Set) 1994 - 1995

Christmas Stocking III (Stocking, Ballerina Doll (plastic), Yo-yo, Flip book (Fantasia), Barettes, Candy Cane & Paint Set)

Winter Activites I (Paper Dolls, Kaleidoscope & Miss Victory Costume) until 1997

Winter Activites II (Paper Dolls, Kleenex & Ear Drops, Alarm Clock, Poster, Kaleidoscope) 1998-1999

Molly's Puppy Bennet I

Molly's Radio

Brown Bag Lunch (9 Bags, Sandwich, Celery, Carrot Stick, Pear, Cookie & Napkins)


Drop-Leaf Wooden table & Chairs

Single Wooden Chair

Nighttime Necessities I

Molly's Bed I


Molly's World Map

Molly's TheaterKit

Molly's Paper Dolls

Molly's Craft Book

Molly's Cook Book

Molly's Meet Poster

Molly's Reading Poster

Molly's Scenes & Settings

Pastimes (Contains Theater Kit, Paper Dolls, Craft Book and Cook Book)

Molly Story Collection

Molly and the Movie Star

Molly Takes Flight

Molly's A+ Partner

Molly's Puppy Tale

Molly's Marches On

Molly Short Story Set (Movie Star, Takes Flight, A+ Partner)

Molly's Short Story Collection (Hardcover) [ISBN: 1593691238]

Molly's Route 66 Adventure

Have A Molly Halloween

Molly's Movie Trading Cards

Lights! Camera! Molly: A Behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide (ISBN: 1-59369-212-9)

Craft Book & Kit

Molly's Stationery Set

Doll Dress Patterns (Shoulder Bag, Beret, Plaid Jumper & Blouse, Party Pinafore, Slicker and Rain Hat, Undies and Pajamas)

Molly's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

Molly's Mystery Party Game

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