This page allows users to select from a list of American Girl dolls, outfits, accessory sets and furniture and then create a nicely-formatted printable Wish List or Collection List which gives the names and pictures of the selected items.

You can create a list of all the items you want so that you can show it to your parents or grandparents. You can also make a list showing all of the items in your collection. Or, you can make a list of all of the outfits, or furniture.

The items shown below in purple text are retired items and so remember that these may be hard for your parents to get for you. But, you can always ask.

Step One:

Enter The Title of the List:

(Examples: Chelsea's Wish List, Phoebe's Want List, Chloe's Felicity Collection, etc.)

Step Two:

Check Items You Want on the List:

Kaya Doll
Pow-Wow Outfit of Today
Jingle Dress Of Today
Adorned Deerskin Dress
Hat & Parfleche
Winter Cape, Hood, Mittens, & Moccasins
Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today
"Meet Kaya" Accessories
Dog Tatlo & Travois
Kaya's Horse Steps High
Steps High's Foal Sparks Flying
Kaya's Animals
Doll & Cradleboard
Craft Kit
Basket & Foods Set
Tepee with Light-Up Fire
Bedroll & Teepee Shield

Kaya Story Collection
Kaya Book Collection
Meet Kaya
Kaya's Escape
Kaya's Hero
Kaya Shows the Way
Kaya and Lone Dog
Changes for Kaya
Kaya and the River Girl
Kaya's Art Studio
Kaya's Paper Dolls
Welcome to Kaya's World
Kaya's Short Story Collection
The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery
Kaya's Magnetic Mini World
Kaya Frame Puzzles
Kaya's Short Story Collection II

Felicity Doll with Lavendar Dress
Tea Lesson Outfit
School Jacket & Petticoat
Christmas Gown & Stomacher
Spring Gown with Pinner Apron & Pompon
Cardinal Cloak
Summer Gown & Lace Cap
Rose Garden Gown
Felicity's Gala Gown
Hat & Brocade Slippers
Muff, Mitts, & Pattens
Town Fair Outfit & Windmill
Work Gown
Riding Habit & Hat II
Riding Breeches & Hat
Traveling Gown
Nightshift, Cap, & Mules
"Meet Felicity" Accessories
Tea Lesson
Reading & Writing Lesson
Invitation & Fashion Doll
Noah's Ark III
Colonial Tea Set
Colonial Tea Treats
Felicity's Baby Sister Polly & Cradle
Shrewsbury Cakes Kit
Chocolate Set
Party Treats
Needlework Kit & Frame
Guitar II
Posie The Lamb
Plantation Play
Rescue Kit
Winter Enchantments
Nighttime Necessities
Penny, Felicity's Horse
Patriot, Penny's Foal
Shoes, Stockings, & Garters
Hair Ribbons
Travel Trunk
Windsor Writing Chair
Tilt-Top Tea Table & Chairs

Single Chair
Clothes Press
Tall-Post Bed with Tester
Dressing Table II
Two Doll Trunk/Clothes Press
Colonial Stable Set

Felicity Story Collection
Felicity Book Collection
Meet Felicity
Felicity Learns a Lesson
Felicity's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Felicity
Felicity Saves the Day
Changes for Felicity
Felicity Short Story Set
Felicity's Dancing Shoes
Felicity's New Sister
Felicity's Discovers a Secret
Felicity Takes a Dare
Welcome to Felicity's World
Felicity Stationery Set
Felicity's TheaterKit
Felicity's Paper Dolls
Felicity's Craft Book
Felicity's Cook Book
Felicity's World Map
Felicity's Scenes & Settings
Craft Book & Kit
Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Felicity's Art Studio
Felicity's Paper Dolls II
Peril at King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery
Felicity's Short Story Collection
Lights! Camera! Felicity: The Making of the Felicity Movie
Traitor in Williamsburg: A Felicity Mystery
Felicity's Magnetic Mini World
Felicity's Cooking Studio
Felicity's Fashion Studio
Felicity Frame Puzzles
Felicity's Short Story Collection II

Elizabeth Doll
Summer Gown
Tea Lesson Outfit
Elizabeth's Riding Habit
Elizabeth's Holiday Gown
Elizabeth's Quilted Cloak
Elizabeth's Night Shift
Elizabeth's Accessories
Elizabeth's Fashion Doll
Elizabeth's Bedding
Dressing Table Accessories
Elizabeth's Bed & Blue Bedding
Mini Elizabeth Doll & Book
Horsedrawn Colonial Carriage
Very Funny, Elizabeth Book
Elizabeth Trading Cards

Josefina Doll
Indigo Skirt & Camisa
Christmas Dress & Mantilla
Summer Riding Dress & Hat
Josefina's Fiesta Dress
Sarape & Hat
Winter Wear
Night Shift
Herb-Gathering Outfit
Weaving Outfit
Harvest Outfit
Party Dress & Spencer Jacket
"Meet Josefina" Accessories
Books & Supplies
Picnic Lunch
Christmas Eve Set
Chicken & Chiles
Nina Doll
Feast Day Finery
Heirloom Accessories
Sombrita The Baby Goat
Weaving Loom
Birthday Dishes & Party Treats
Riding Boots
Santa Fe Summer Fun
Toy Farm
Adobe Oven & Bread Set
Cocina Supplies
Sheepskin Blanket
Nighttime Necessities
Shoes & Socks
Hair Ribbons
Writing Desk & Stand
New Mexican Table & Chairs
Single Chair

Sleigh Bed
Bedside Table

Josefina Story Collection
Josefina Book Collection
Meet Josefina
Josefina Learns a Lesson
Josefina's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Josefina
Josefina Saves the Day
Changes for Josefina
Josefina Short Story Set
A Reward for Josefina
Again, Josefina!
Just Josefina
Josefina's Song
Thanks to Josefina
Josefina's World Map
Welcome to Josefina's World
Josefina Stationery Set
Josefina's Theater Kit
Josefina's Paper Dolls
Josefina's Craft Book
Josefina's Cook Book
Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Josefina's Paper Dolls II
Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery
Josefina's Short Story Collection
Josefina's Magnetic Mini World
Josefina Frame Puzzles
Josefina's Short Story Collection II

Kirsten Doll
School Dress & Shawl
Saint Lucia Gown
Apron Dress & Daisy Wreath
Summer Dress & Hat
Winter Skirt & Blouse
Kirsten's Recess Set
Kirsten's Baking Outfit
Midsummer Outfit
Plaid Dress & Shawl
Flannel Underwear
Housecoat & Sockor
Checked Dress & Apron
Work Dress
Skating Outfit & Skates
Swedish Dirndl & Kerchief
"Meet Kirsten" Accessories
School Lunch
Slate Bag & Supplies
Saint Lucia Wreath
Saint Lucia Tray
Sari Doll
Party Treats
Friendship Quilt & Quilt Kit
Red Boots
Nighttime Necessities
Two-Tone Boots
Shoes & Socks
Hair Ribbons
Pottery Set
Mama Cat & Kitten
Fishing Set
Winter Pastimes & Snowshoes
Fourth Of July Fun
Knit Woolens
School Bench & Bucket

Trestle Table & Chairs I
Single Chair

Kirsten Story Collection
Kirsten Book Collection
Meet Kirsten
Kirsten Learns a Lesson
Kirsten's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Kirsten
Kirsten Saves the Day
Changes for Kirsten
Kirsten Short Story Set
Kirsten on the Trail
Kirsten and the New Girl
Kirsten and the Chippewa
Kirsten Snowbound!
Kirsten's Promise
Kirsten's World Map
Welcome to Kirsten's World
Kirsten Stationery Set
Kirsten's TheaterKit
Kirsten's Paper Dolls
Kirsten's Craft Book
Kirsten's Cook Book
Kirsten's Scenes & Settings
Craft Book & Kit
Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Kirsten's Paper Dolls II
Kirsten's Short Story Collection
Kirsten's Short Story Collection II
Kirsten's Trestle Table & Chairs II
The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery
Kirsten's Magnetic Mini World

Addy Doll
African Dance Outfit of Today
Flower-Picking Outfit
Kite Flying Outfit
School Suit & Blouse
Tartan Plaid Dress
Birthday Pinafore & Snood
Summer Dress & Hat
Winter Coat
Cape Island Dress
Addy's Sunday Best
Striped Dress
Stilting Outfit & Stilts
Work Dress & Apron
Patriotic Party Dress
"Meet Addy" Accessories
Hair Ribbons
Tin Pail Lunch
Satchel & School Supplies
Needlework Kit & Lamp
Sweet Potato Pudding Set
Ida Bean Doll
Ice Cream Set
Ice Cream Maker
Party Treats
Ironstone Compote Set
Songbird & Sweets
Lace-Up Boots
Gardening Supplies
Church Fair Fun
Derby, Mittens & Knee Warmers
Winter Fun
Cutter Sled
Family Album Quilt
Nighttime Necessities
Heartwarmer & Slippers
Work Shoes
Shoes & Socks
Double Desk
Lazy Susan Table & Chairs
Single Chair
Rope Bed

Addy Story Collection
Addy Book Collection
Meet Addy
Addy Learns a Lesson
Addy's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Addy
Addy Saves the Day
Changes for Addy
Addy Short Story Set
High Hopes for Addy
Addy Studies Freedom
Addy's Little Brother
Addy's Wedding Quilt
Addy's Summer Place
Addy's World Map
Welcome to Addy's World
Addy Stationery Set
Addy's Scenes & Settings
Addy's TheaterKit
Addy's Paper Dolls
Addy's Craft Book
Addy's Cook Book
Craft Book & Kit
Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Addy's Paper Dolls II
Addy's Short Story Collection
Addy's Short Story Collection II
Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery
Addy Frame Puzzles
Addy's Magnetic Mini World

Samantha Doll
Bird-Watching Outfit
Bicycling Outfit
Samantha's Velvet Dress
Lawn Party Outfit
Winter Coat & Mittens
Bridesmaid Dress
Spring Party Dress
Bathing Outfit II
Flannel School Outfit
Talent Show Dress
Cranberry Party Dress
Lacy Pinafore Dress & Rosebud Circlet
Middy Dress & Tam
Plaid Cape & Gaiters
Kimono & Slippers
Travel Duster & Hat
Winter Party Dress
Bathing Costume & Life Ring
Play Dress & Pinafore
Tea Dress
"Meet Samantha" Accessories
3-Wheeled Bicycle
Tea Tin Lunchbox
Book Strap & School Supplies
Real Gingerbread House Kit
Christmas Music Box
Nutcracker Doll
Doll Pram
Lemonade Set
Party Treats
Teddy Bear
Ice Cream Freezer
High Button Shoes
Nature Paraphernalia
Summer Amusements
Hat & Muff
Victorian Valise
Lacy Whites
Winter Amusements
Nighttime Necessities
Travel Accessories
Party Shoes & Socks
Bridesmaid Accessories
White Party Slippers
Shoes & Socks
Hair Ribbons
Wicker Table & Chairs

Single Chair
Victorian Desk
Beach Umbrella
Steamer Trunk
Brass Bed

Samantha Story Collection
Samantha Book Collection
Meet Samantha
Samantha Learns a Lesson
Samantha's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Samantha
Samantha Saves the Day
Changes for Samantha
Short Story Set
Samantha's Winter Party
Samantha Saves the Wedding
Samantha's Blue Bicycle
Samantha and the Missing Pearl
Samantha's Special Talent
Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure
Samantha's Friendship Fun
Samantha's World Map
Welcome to Samantha's World
Samantha Stationery Set
Samantha's Art Studio
Samantha's TheaterKit
Samantha's Paper Dolls
Samantha's Craft Book
Samantha's Cook Book
Samantha's Scenes & Settings
Craft Book & Kit
Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Samantha's Paper Dolls II
Samantha's Christmas Crafts
Samantha's Valentine Crafts
The Curse Of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery
Samantha's Mystery Party Game
The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery
Samantha's Short Story Collection
Samantha's Short Story Collection II
Samantha Frame Puzzles
Samantha's Cooking Studio
Samantha's Fashion Studio
Samantha's Magnetic Mini World

Nellie Doll
Irish Dance Outfit of Today
Holiday Outfit
Winter Coat
Spring Party Dress
Nellie's Pajamas
Nellie's Accessories
Nellie's Lydia doll
Pet Cocker Spaniel Jip
Mini Nellie Doll & Book
Horsedrawn Winter Sleigh
Nellie's Promise Book
Nellie Trading Cards

Kit Doll
Reporter Outfit
Play Suit
Floral Dress
Scooter Outfit
Cincinnati Reds Fan Outfit
Kit's Swimming Outfit
Kit's School Skirt Set
Doll and Girl-Sized Movie T-Shirts
School Outfit
Christmas Dress
Birthday Dress
Tree House Outfit
Overalls Outfit
Winter Coat
Beach Pajamas
"Meet Kit" Accessories
Kit's Washday Set
Reporter Set
Kit's Produce & Preserves
Kit's Homemade Scooter
Kit's Holiday Baking Set
School Lunch
Book Bag & Supplies
Aviator Doll
Typewriter Set
Waffle Iron Set
Glassware & Linens
Glassware & Linens II
Party Treats
Grace The Basset Hound
Work Boots
Hobo Camp Supplies
Beret & Mittens
Photography Set
Tufted Bedding Set
Kit's Quilt & Pillow Set
Nighttime Necessities
Kit's Cookstove
Kit's Treehouse
Rolltop Desk

Swivel Chair Only
Table & Chairs
Single Chair
Slingback Beach Chair
Day Bed
Night Table

Kit Story Collection
Kit Book Collection
Meet Kit
Kit Learns a Lesson
Kit's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Kit
Kit Saves the Day
Changes for Kit
Kit's Home Run
Kit's Tree House
Kit's Railway Adventure
Kit's Friendship Fun
Welcome to Kit's World
Kit Stationery Set
Kit Art Studio
Kit's Paper Dolls
Danger At The Zoo: A Kit Mystery
Kit's Mystery Party Game
Kit's Short Story Collection
Kit's Short Story Collection II
A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery
Kit's Cooking Studio
Kit's Fashion Studio
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
"Kit Kittredge - An American Girl" Movie DVD
Kit's World: A Girls-Eye View of The Great Depression
Kit: A Tree House of My Own - PC Video Game
Kit Mystery Challenge for Nintendo DS
Kit Frame Puzzles
Kit's Magnetic Mini World

Ruthie Doll
Holiday Dress
Ruthie's Play Outfit
Ruthie's Satin Pajamas
Ruthie's Accessories
Really Truly Ruthie Book

Molly Doll
Molly's Sweater & Skirt
Molly's Recital Outfit
Molly's Ice Skating Outfit
Roller-Skating Outfit
Dude Ranch Outfit
Molly's Swimming Outfit
Plaid Jumper & Blouse
Evergreen Velvet Dress
Camp Gowanagin Uniform
Victory Garden Dress
Birthday Pinafore & Crown
Slicker & Rain Hat
Miss Victory Outfit II
Robe & Fuzzy-Wuzzies
Route 66 Dress
Aviator Outfit
Tennis Outfit, Racket & Ball
After School Outfit
Halloween Hula Costume
"Meet Molly" Accessories
Molly's Curl Kit
Molly's Percussion Set
Molly's Ice Skates and Muffs
Bennet & Yank Pups
Roller Skates
Brown Bag Lunch
Schoolbag & Supplies
Stocking & Stocking Stuffers
Christmas Box, Snowglobe & Nurse Doll
Bennett The Dog
Party Games II
Party Treats
China Tea Set
Embroidered Cowboy Boots
Saddle Shoes
Capture The Flag Gear
Camping Equipment
Molly's Pup Tent
Molly's Sleeping Bag
Umbrella & Galoshes
Winter Activites
Molly's Undies
Plaid Suitcase
Nighttime Necessities
Route 66 Accessories
Brown Oxford Shoes
Shoes & Socks
Hair Ribbons
Molly's Vanity Table
Molly's Chifforobe

Molly's Velvet Theater Seats
Molly's Stage & Screen
Drop-Leaf Wooden table & Chairs
Single Wooden Chair
School Desk
Chrome Table & Chairs
Single Chair
Adirondack Beach Chair
Molly's Bed II
Molly's Camp Gowonagin Tent

Molly Story Collection
Molly Book Collection
Meet Molly
Molly Learns a Lesson
Molly's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Molly
Molly Saves the Day
Changes for Molly
Molly Short Story Set
Molly and the Movie Star
Molly Takes Flight
Molly's A" Partner
Molly's Puppy Tale
Molly's Marches On
Molly's Route 66 Adventure
Molly's World Map
Welcome to Molly's World
Molly Stationery Set
Molly's Art Studio
Molly's Scenes & Settings
Molly's TheaterKit
Molly's Paper Dolls
Molly's Craft Book
Molly's Cook Book
Craft Book & Kit

Pastimes Set
Doll Dress Patterns
Molly's Paper Dolls II
Molly's Halloween Crafts
A Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery
Molly's Mystery Party Game
Molly's Short Story Collection
Molly's Movie Trading Cards
Lights! Camera! Molly: The Making of the Molly Movie
The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery
Molly: An American Girl On The Home Front DVD
Molly's Short Story Collection II
Molly Frame Puzzles
Molly's Fashion Studio
Molly's Cooking Studio
Molly's Magnetic Mini World

Emily Doll & Book
Emily's Recital Outfit
Emily's 2-Piece Swimsuit
Emily's Tap Costume
Emily's Holiday Outfit
Emily's Snowsuit
Emily's Pajama's
Emily's Robe & Slippers
Emily's Accessories
Emily's Dog - Yank the Pup
Emily's Sled
Mini Emily Doll & Book
Brave Emily Book
Emily Trading Cards

Julie Doll & Book
Julie's Dog Walking Outfit
Julie's Christmas Outfit
Julie's Hoops Outfit & Accessories
Julie's Birthday Dress
Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit
Julie's Pajamas
Julie's Accessories
Julie's Roller Skates
Dog Walking Set
Julie's Christmas Gift
Julie's Cap & Scarf
Julie's Birthday Goodies
Julie's Room Accessories
Julie's School Lunch Set
Julie's Sound Accessories
Julie's Pet Bunny - Nutmeg
Julie's Bed & Bedding
Julie's School Locker
School Bleachers
Julie's Room Accessories

Meet Julie
Happy New Year, Julie
Julie Tells Her Story
Julie and the Eagles
Julie's Journey
Changes for Julie
Julie's Story Collection Boxed Set
Julie Frame Puzzles
Julie Finds a Way for Nintendo DS
Julie Saves the Eagles Video Game - PC
Julie's Cooking Studio
Julie's Fashion Studio
Julie's Art Studio
Julie Story Collection
Julie Paper Dolls

Ivy Doll & Book
Ivy's New Year Outfit
Ivy's Accessories

American Girls of Today

    Limited Edition Today Girls

Chrissa Maxwell (2009)
Meet Chrissa
Chrissa Book

Chrissa Stands Strong Book
Chrissa Stands Strong DVD Movie

Mia St. Clair (2008)
Mia Doll
Mia's Silver Skate Dress
Mia's Practice Outfit & Skates
Mia's Performance Outfit
Mia's 2-in-1 Skate Outfit
Mia's Pajamas Set
Mia's Accessories
Mia's Hair Clips & Case

Mia's Purple Skates
Mia's Bedroom Accessories
Mia's Bedroom Furniture
Mia's Ice Rink
Mia Paperback Book
Bravo, Mia! Paperback Book
Mia Goes for Great � PC Video Game

Nicki Fleming (2007)
Nicki Doll
Nicki's Ranch Outfit
Nicki's Tie Top & Shorts
Nicki's Gala Outfit
Nicki's Straw Hat for Dolls

Jackson's Tack Box
Jackson the Horse
Nicki's Dog-in-Training
Nicki Book

Jess McConnell (2006)
Jess Doll
Jess's 2-in-1 Kayaking Outfit
Jess's Pajamas
Jess's Travel Accessories

Jess's Kayak and Gear
Jess's Tree Swing
Jess's Motor Scooter & Helmet
Jess Book

Marisol Luna (2005)
Marisol Doll
Marisol's Spotlight Outfit
Marisol's Spotlight Stage & Tiara
Marisol's Ballet Outfit

Marisol's Tap Dance Outfit
Marisol's Dance Duffel Bag
Marisol's Trunk
Marisol Book

Kailey Hopkins (2003)
Kailey Doll
Wet Suit, Water Socks & Bikini
Snorkel Set
Boogie Board

Kailey's Beach Towel
Sandy the Dog with Lavender Bandanna
Kailey Book

Lindsey Bergman (2001)
Lindsey Doll
Scooter, Gloves & Helmet

Laptop & Bag
Lindsey Book

Rustic Ranch Outfit for Dolls & Book
Star Hoodie Outfit for Dolls
Friendly Witch Outfit for Dolls & Book
Singing Star Outfit for Dolls & Book
Scarlet & Snow Outfit for Dolls & Book
Snuggly Snow PJ's for Dolls & Book
Snowy Chic Outfit for Dolls & Book
Silver Belle Outfit for Dolls & Book
School Days Outfit for Dolls & Book
Jumper & Boots Set for Dolls & Book
Gymnastics Outfit V & Book
Volleyball Outfit for Dolls & Book
Cozy Star Robe & Book
Go Team! Cheer Outfit & Gear (Cheerleading VI)
Snowboard Outfit & Gear II
2-in-1 Beach Outfit & Book
Gardening Outfit for Doll & Book
Tennis Outfit III & Golf Outfit
Skateboarding Outfit II
Springtime Sundress & Book
Flower Girl Outfit & Book
Coconut Fun Outfit & Book
Midnight Holly Outfit
Velveteen Coat
Santa's Helper Outfit
Sleepover Pajamas
Track Suit
Logo V-Neck Shirt
Logo Sweatshirt
Ruby Ballet Outfit
2-in-1 Ballerina Set
Irish Dance Costume
Kitty Cat Costume II
Mermaid Costume II
Island Vacation Outfit
Island Luau Outfit
Pretty Print Outfit
Adventure Outfit
Karate Training Set
Dance-Team Spirit Set (Cheerleading V)
Licorice Play Outfit
Flower Garden Dress
Satin Floral PJ Set
Sweetheart Skirt
AG Doll Outfit V (I Like Your Style)
Sweet Sequins Party Outfit
Wintry Weekend Outfit
"Let It Snow" Sleep Set
Coconut Play Outfit
Petals and Plaid Outfit
Sparkly Tunic and Jeans Outfit
Soccer Outfit V (2-in-1 Soccer Outfit)
Gymnastics Outfit IV (Rhythmic Gymnastics Set)
Ballet Recital Outfit
Cheerleader Outfit IV
Reversible Robe
Black Logo Tee for Dolls
Embroidered Party Dress
Kickin' Back Outfit
Ice Skating Outfit III (2-in-1 Ice Skating Outfit)
Gala Party Dress
Sightseeing Outfit
Paisley Print PJ's for Dolls
Star PJ's for Dolls
On-The-Go Outfit
Flapper Costume
Horse Lover Outfit
Tennis Outfit II
Seaside Wardrobe (3 Outfits)
Birthday Girl Outfit
Butterfly Brocade Outfit
Basketball Uniform II
Licorice's Best Friend Outfit
Ready For Fun Outfit
Bubble Robe Outfit
Gymnastics Outfit III
Soccer Outfit IV
Equestrian Outfit II
Grecian Princess Costume
Tropical Breezes Outfit
Beachside Outfit
Cheerleader Outfit III
Coconut's Best Friend Outfit
Hospital Gown
Chocolate Cherry Outfit
Zip-Up Sweatsuit for Dolls
Winter Magic Outfit
Merry Moonlight Outfit
Snowboard Outfit
Coconut Pajamas
Jacket & Cap Set
Spider Witch Costume
Sparkly Sport Outfit
Starflower Outfit
Weekend Fun Outfit
Bell-Sleeves Flower PJs Outfit
Memorable Moments Outfit
Garden Party Outfit
Heart-Print PJ's & Backpack
Warm Up Outfit & Mat
Birthday Party Outfit
Paisley Dress Outfit
Blue Floral Nightgown
Rock Climbing Outfit
Bowling Outfit
Valentine Party Outfit
Glitter Jeans
Jacket & Skirt
Go Anywhere Outfit

Ice Dance Outfit
Ballet Outfit III (Swan Lake)
Wood Fairy Costume
Junior Bridesmaid Dress
Camisole & Brief Set for Dolls
Spa Robe & Slippers
Today Girl Outfit I
Jacket & Cap/Blue Jean Basics
Slumber Shirt I & Mini Bear
Ballet Outfit I (Pink)
American Girl 10-Year Anniversary T-shirt
Cheerleader I
School Jumper
Girl Scout Uniform
Soccer Outfit I
Kwanza Outfit
Recital Outfit I (Christmas Recital)
Hanukkah Outfit
Chinese New Years Outfit
Swimming Outfit I
In-Line Skating Outfit & Gear
Earth Day Outfit
Culotte Dress
Fleece Robe & Slippers
Slumber Shirt II (Turquoise)
Plaid Nightie
Terrific Winter Tubing
Dogsled Outfit
Ice Skating Outfit I (Skating Star)
Downhill Racer Outfit I (Silver One-piece suit)
Apres Ski Wear
Today Girl Outfit II (First Day Outfit)
AG Pajamas
Snowflake Satin Pajamas
Picnic Outfit
Play Outfit
Swimming Outfit II
Snowball Sweater & Leggings
Holiday Bibs Outfit
Holiday Dress 1998
Snowflake Jumper
Kitty Cat Costume
1950's Sock Hopper Costume
Sparkling Mermaid Costume
Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl Costume
Medieval Princess Costume
1960's Hippie Costume
Camping/Hiking Outfit
Birthday Outfit
Equestrian Outfit I (Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit)
AG Place Revue White Overalls
AG Doll Outfit III (Red Vinyl Jumper)
Softball Uniform I
Basketball Uniform
Tennis Outfit I
Union Suit (Long Underwear)
Plaid Robe & Sleep Socks
Snooze Shirt & AG Bear Slippers
AG Boxer Pajamas
Gymnastics Outfit I & Gear
Martial Arts Outfit
Modern Dance Outfit
Year 2000 Outfit
Cheerleader Outfit II
Pop Star Outfit (Karaoke Outfit)
AG Doll Outfit IV/Urban Outfit
Twilight Holiday Outfit
Berry Christmas Outfit
Varsity Jacket & Hat
Stars & Stripes Sleep Set
Nightshirt & Slipper Set
Purple Eyelet Pajamas & Pouch
Breezy Day Outfit
Perfect Plaid Outfit
Serenade Outfit
Recital Outfit II
Budding Artist Outfit
Velour Sweat Suit
Cargo Outfit
Dockside Outfit
Skateboarding Outfit
Downhill Ski Outfit II
Camping Outfit
Fly Fishing Outfit
Periwinkle Dress & Hat
Poolside Plaid Outfit
Ballet Costume II (Red-Violet)
Spring Flower Outfit
Petal Pink Outfit
Ice Blue Outfit
Garnet Holiday Outfit
Sugar Plum Coat
Gymnastics Outfit II
Soccer Outfit II (Blue)
Denim Jumper
Field Trip Outfit
Flower Power Outfit
Ruffled Tankini
Starry Night Outfit
Ski Trip Outfit
Dot Pajamas
Gardening Outfit
Flower Garden Outfit
Sporty School Outfit
Weekend Baking Outfit
Radiant Rhinestone Holiday 2003 Outfit
Golden Holiday Dress
Fancy Flowers & Accessories
Soccer Outfit III (Purple)

Western Horse
Western Saddle Set
Singing Star Set
Holiday Gift Set for Dolls
Holiday Sleigh
Western Hat for Dolls
Nightstand & Lamp Set
Hanukkah Gift Set II
Toasty Pink Boots for Dolls
Sporty Sneakers for Doll
Ballerina Flats for Dolls
Sweet Kitten Heels for Dolls
Back-to-School Set for Dolls & Book
Phone & Charms Set for Dolls
Cheer Section Set
Skates & Safety Set
Gardening Tools II
Entertainment Set
Holiday Accessories
Logo Cap for Dolls
Sleepover Kit
Sleepover Food & Fun
Sleeping Bag III
Sweet Treats
Sparkly Hair Pick
Island Scooter Set
Sand & Surf Set
Coconut's Vet Set
Coconut & Friend Carrier
Sweet Treats Accessories
Today Girl Accessories VII (I Like Your Style Accessories)
Sweet Sequins Party Accessories
Computer Set
Tights and Socks
Strappy Flats
Metallic Sport Shoes
Casual Clogs
Berry Stitched Tennies
Butterfly Bedding
Guitar Set
Backpack Set
Salon Accessories
Hair Care Kit
HairdoHelper II
Feel Better Kit
Horse Styling Kit
Berry Beach Boots
Jeweled Tiara Bedding
Travel Luggage Set
Baby Stroller for Dolls
Seaside Accessories
Beach Boots
Palomino Horse
Brown Horse (Felicity's Horse)
Grecian Unicorn Costume (For Horses)
Butterfly Table Partyware
Butterfly Party Accessories
Today Girl (Ready For Fun) Accessories VI
Reversible Schoolbag for Dolls
Flute Set
Socks & Tights
Gray Sneakers
Zip Ankle Boots
Blue Glasses
Purple Sunglasses
Doll Glasses
Lilac Glasses
Rectangle Glasses
Hanukkah Gifts I
Chocolate Cherry Headband Accessories
Winter Magic Accessories

Snowboard Accessories
Ice Skates and Guards
Today Girl (Go Anywhere) Accessories V
Easter Egg Tree Accessories
Egg Hunt Accessories
Birthday Party Accessories
Bedding Set II (Floral)
Bedding Set III (Dream Big)
Dream Big Journal Pillow & Rug
Journal Pillow & Rug
Flower Sleepover Kit
Talent Show Accessories
Glitter Guitar
White Tennis Shoes
Mary Janes
Light Up Embroidered Mules
Trail Bike
Today Girl Accessories I
Today Girl Accessories II
Today Girl Accessories III
Today Girl (Urban) Accessories IV
Weekend Baking Accessories
Suitcase & Backpack
Doll Hair Care Kit
School Gear
School Lunch
School Lunch II (Munchable Lunch)
Backpack & Laptop
Husky Dog
Downhill Ski Gear
Apres Ski Gear
Backpack Essentials
Orienteering Accessories
Camping Utensils
Camp Survival Kit
Nighttime Necessities
Slumber Party Gear & Bear
Nighttime Treats
Bedding Set I
Birthday Cookout
Patio Party Treats
Picnic Goodies
Summertime Toys
Beach Accessories I
Beach Accessories II
Croquet Set
Fly Fishing Gear
Mini Macintosh Computer
Artist Tools of the Trade
Rainbow Paint Set
Baxter the Bunney
Patio Decorations
Tropical Table Settings
Beachy Birthday Gift Kit
Great Skates
Year 2000 Celebration Kit
Starry Night Accessories
Garnet Holiday Accessories
Radiant Rhinestone Holiday Accessories
Twilight Accessories
Holiday Sparkle Tree
Sweet Christmas Treats
Kwanza Accessories
School Supplies
Karaoke Machine
Scooter, Gloves & Helmet
Gardening Tools
Flowers & Favors
Spa Treatment

Snack Bar & Treats
Sit & Relax Chair
Beach Chair & Bag
Trellis Swing
Grand Piano
Flip Lounge Chair
Dance Studio Trunk
Hair Style Center II
Spotlight Stage II
Sweet Treats Table
Bubble Bath Set II
Sweet Treats Bakery Case
Curlicue Vanity
Curlicue Daybed
Computer Armoire
Salon Chair
Fold Up Chair
3-in-1 Bed
Seaside Cabana Set
Wheelchair II
Party Table and Cushions
Bubble Bath Set
Hair Style Center
Vanity Set
Salon Chair

Sparkle Keyboard
Wheelchair I
Flower Armoire
Flower Trundle Bed
Bunk Bed
Sleep Sack
Nightstand II
Beanbag Chair & Games
School Chalkboard & Map
School Table & Chairs
Computer Desk & Chair
School Locker
Armoire I
Trundle Bed I
Nightstand Set I
Room Decor
Cabana Furniture
Single Adirondack Cabana Chair
Lazy-Day Hammock
Patio Furniture
American Grill (Barbecue)
Tent & Chair
Mummy Bag
Spa Chair

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