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Samantha Parkington is a bright, compassionate girl living with her wealthy grandmother in 1904. It's an exciting time of change in America, and Samantha's world is filled with frills and finery, parties and play. But Samantha sees that times are not good for everybody. That's why she tries to make a difference in the life of her friend Nellie, a servant girl whose life is nothing like Samantha's!

Along with Molly and Kirsten, Samantha was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986.

Archived Outfits

Samantha Doll

Samantha's Velvet Dress

Bicycling Outfit
(Bloomers, Diagonal-striped Blouse, Removable Gaiters & Straw Boater Hat)

Holiday Coat & Mittens

Bathing Outfit II

Bridesmaid Dress

Spring Party Dress

Talent Show Dress

Lacy Pinafore Dress & Rosebud Circlet

Summer Outfit

Flannel School Dress

Cranberry Party Dress

Winter Outfit (Plaid Cape & Gaiters)

Kimono & Slippers


Lacy Whites

Archived Accessories

Samantha's Accessories

3-Wheeled Bicycle


Bridesmaid Accessories

Winter Hat & Muff

Victorian Lemonade Set

Party Treats

Samantha's Doll II (1993-Present)

Elegant Doll Pram

Christmas Music Box

Mohair Teddy Bear

Tea Tin Lunchbox

Book Strap & Supplies

Ice Cream Freezer

Nighttime Necessities

Hair Ribbons

Ice Skates

Party Shoes & Socks
(These go with the Lawn Party Outfit)

White Party Slippers

High Button Shoes

Shoes & Socks

Mini Samantha Doll and Book

Archived Furniture



Wicker Table & Chairs

Single Chair

Beach Umbrella

School Desk

Travel Trunk

Books & Movies

Samantha Story Collection

Samantha Book Collection

Meet Samantha

Samantha Learns a Lesson

Samantha's Surprise

Happy Birthday, Samantha

Samantha Saves the Day

Changes for Samantha

The Curse Of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery

The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery

The Cry of the Loon: A Samantha Mystery

Samantha's Art Studio

Samantha's Paper Dolls

Samantha's Reading Poster

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday DVD

Samantha's Magnetic Mini World

Welcome to Samantha's World

Samantha's Cooking Studio (52-Page Book, Cookie Cutter, 20 Table Talkers & 10 Reusable Place Cards)

Samantha Frame Puzzles
(Three 50-piece oval-shaped puzzles)

Sam Story Collection II

Samantha's Fashion Studio


The first outfit of Samantha's that was retired was the Piney Point bathing outfit which was a Special Edition outdoor outfit introduced in 1997.

When originally introduced, Samantha's Summer Amusements set included a wooden paint set with six tubes of paint (in two rows of three tubes each). In 1994, the paint set was changed to one with a single row of five paint tubes. The Summer Amusements set was ultimately discontinued in 2001.

Samantha's Winter Amusements set, which included a pair of ice skates, was retired in 2001 also, but the skates are still available by themselves. Also, a revamped version of Samantha's Doll made its appearance in the Holiday 1993 catalog.

In July 2004, Samantha's Stories & Outfit Collection with Caddy was retired, and November saw the retirement of Samantha's Winter Party Dress that was featured in the "Samantha's Winter Party" Short Story.

January 2006 saw the retirement of Sam's Travel Outfit.

In February 2006, all of the historical girl short story books were retired including all five of Samantha's short stories. Christmas 2006 was the last holiday season to feature Samantha's cute little gingerbread house as that item was retired December 2006.

In 2007, many items of Samantha's collection were retired including her Bird-Watching Outfit, Lawn Party Outfit, Tea Outfit, Play Dress, Valise, Christmas Sleigh, Nature Paraphernalia, Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure, Samantha's Mystery Party Game, Samantha's Christmas Crafts, Samantha's Wedding Memories: A Scrapbook of Gard & Cornelia's Wedding, Samantha - An American Girl Holiday: The Complete Script Book, Short Story Collection and her Meet Poster.

Winter Party Dress

Bathing Outfit I

Travel Duster, Hat & Parasol

Lawn Party Outfit
(Dress, Hat, Croquet Ball, Wicket & Mallet)

Tea Outfit

Play Dress

Bird-Watching Outfit
(Mauve Coat, Hat, Binoculars, Bird Identification Cards)

Victorian Valise

Summer Amusements I (Paint Set Type I, Sketchbook, Pine Tuffet)

Summer Amusements II (Paint Set Type II, Sketchbook, Pine Tuffet)

Nature Paraphernalia

Samantha's Doll I (Until 1994)

Winter Amusements (Skates, Paper Dolls, Valentine Kit)

Real Gingerbread House Kit

Horsedrawn Winter Sleigh (Horse Not Included)

Pastimes (Contains Theater Kit, Paper Dolls, Craft Book and Cook Book)

Samantha's TheaterKit

Samantha's Paper Dolls

Samantha's Craft Book

Samantha's Cook Book

Samantha's Winter Party

Samantha Saves the Wedding

Samantha's Blue Bicycle

Samantha and the Missing Pearl

Samantha's Special Talent

Short Story Set (Winter Party, Wedding, Bicycle)

Samantha's Short Story Collection (Hardcover) [ISBN: 1593691254]

Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure

Samantha's Mystery Party Game

Samantha's Christmas Crafts

Samantha's Wedding Memories: A Scrapbook of Gard & Cornelia's Wedding
(Hardcover, 38 pages)

Samantha - An American Girl Holiday: The Complete Script Book (160 pages, ISBN: 1584859687)

Samantha's Friendship Fun

Samantha's Valentine Crafts
(Spiral-bound, 56 pages)

Samantha's Scenes & Settings

Samantha's World Map

Samantha's Stationery Set

Craft Book & Kit

Samantha's Meet Poster

Samantha's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

Doll Dress Patterns (Party Dress, Lacy Pinafore Dress, Rosebud Circlet, Plaid Cape & Gaiters, Hat and Muff, Lacey Whites and Nightgown)

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