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Ruthie Smithens is Kit's best friend and she is loyal, understanding and generous. Like Kit, Ruthie is growing up in Cincinnati in 1934. Ruthie loves fairy tales and happy endings. She'd also love to help Kit, whose family is struggling through the Great Depression. When Ruthie learns the Kittredges are having trouble paying the mortgage on their house, she decides to find a way to reach Kit's Aunt Millie in hopes of creating a real-life happy ending.

Ruthie will be added to the collection of American Girls in 2008. Even though Ruthie will be the fourteenth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she is really a part of Kit's collection. She will be the fourth friend doll released along with an American Girl movie.


Meet Ruthie

Ruthie's Holiday Dress

Ruthie's Play Outfit

Ruthie's Satin Pajamas


Ruthie's Accessories (Black Purse with a front pocket and silver clasp, Pretty hankie printed with flowers, Two rose-shaped barrettes to style her hair, Pretend watch with hands that "move.")


Really Truly Ruthie by Valerie Trip, illustrated by Walter Rane

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