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Rebecca Rubin is a nine-year-old living in New York in 1914 where she was born after her parents and grandparents, Russian Jews, immigrated to America. One of five children, she feels like the odd one out - her fourteen-year-old twin sisters think she is too young to go anywhere with them, and she has little in common with her two brothers. Rebecca longs to be more grown up - to be able help light the candles on the Sabbath, and see movies with her sisters.

Rebecca becomes interested in acting after meeting her mother's cousin, Max, who is an actor. Her parents and grandparents, however, think acting is improper for a young lady, and think Rebecca should be a teacher when she grows up. When she learns that her relatives in Russia need to immigrate to America to escape the war, and that in particular her cousin Ana, who is her age, is hungry and sick and needs to get to America as soon as possible, she must make a grown-up decision about how to spend the money she earned selling her needlework. Should she buy candlesticks so she can light candles on the Sabbath like a grown-up girl, or give the money to her parents to help buy tickets to America for Ana and her family?

Rebecca was added to the collection of American Girls in May 2009. Rebecca is the fifteenth historical doll, and she was the most recent historical doll from a new era since Julie was introduced in 2007.


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress

Rebecca's Winter Coat

Rebecca's School Outfit

Rebecca's Movie Dress

Rebecca's Summer Outfit

Rebecca's Lace Dress

Rebecca's Robe & Slippers

Rebecca's Pajamas


Rebecca's Accessories (Black Velveteen Hat with a Floral Ribbon, Russian Shawl, Rabbit Pin)

Rebecca's Phonograph Set (Phonograph, Three Records, Album)

Rebecca's Hanukkah Set (Menorah and Nine Pretend Candles, Dreidel, Three shiny Gelt coins)

Rebecca's Costume Chest (Faux-leather Chest, Turquoise dress and headdress, Overskirt, Golden wings, Ballet-style shoes, Shawl, Faux-pearl necklace, Satin gloves, Photos & Magazine covers)

Rebecca's School Set (Sturdy Fabric lunch box, Cheese Bagel, Rugalach Cookies, Pickles, Napkin, Sheet Music, American Flag, Pencil, Notebook, Drawstring Bag)

Rebecca's Sabbath Set (Russian Samovar, Tray, Tea Canister, Teapot, Two Glasses, Bread, Cloth, Sabbath Candles, Two Blue candlesticks)

Souvenir Set (Wind-up carousel music box, Memory book, Seven Coney Island postcards, Ticket guide poster, Ride ticket)

Rebecca's Kittens

Rebecca's Mini Doll


Rebecca's Sette

Rebecca's Bed & Bedding

Rebecca's Sideboard


Rebecca Book Collection

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca and Ana

Candlelight for Rebecca

Rebecca and the Movies

Rebecca to the Rescue

Changes for Rebecca

Rebecca Just For Fun Book

Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

A Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) by Kathryn Reiss

The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Rebecca's Color & Craft Book

Rebecca Play Scenes & Paper Dolls


In 2011, all of the historical dolls' Fashion Studios were retired, including Rebecca's.

Rebecca's Fashion Studio

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