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Beginning in 1994 and continuing to around 2010, Pleasant Company produced several series of trading cards featuring all of the historical girls. They featured only cards from 1994-2001, and in 
2002 stickers were introduced. The illustrations on the cards came from the various story books 
and short story books for each girl. These cards came in card packs containing 10 cards.

2000 Series - 30 Cards

Beginning in 2000, new trading card packs came out which included 10 cards featuring 1994 Series Molly, Kirsten and Felicity cards; 1998 Series Samantha, Addy and Josefina cards and 2000 Series Kit cards, which were cards #1-30 with no checklist. The 2000 Series was Kit's first card set. Kit's 200o Series are very hard to find today since they were only sold for two years, and no boxed sets featuring Kit were ever made. Due to their rarity Kit's 2000 Series are the second most hard to find AG card series today.

1. Introducing Kit Kittredge
2. the Great Depression
3. Jack Kittredge
4. Margaret Kittredge
5. Charlie Kittredge
6. Ruth Ann Smithens
7. Mrs. Howard
8. Strirling Howard
9. News
10. Extra! Extra!
11. Crash!
12. Out of Business
13. Hiding Out
14. Kit's Idea
15. School in the 1930s
16. Roger
17. Morning Chores
18. Breakfast is Served
19. The First Thanksgiving
20. Trouble
21. The Thanksgiving Basket
22. A Talk with Dad
23. Christmas During the Depression
24. Uncle Hendrick
25. A Sad Sight
26. Bad News
27. Kit's New Job
28. The Red Dress
29. Make-Believe
30. Kit's Surprise

2001 Series - 30 Cards

The next year, 2001, card packs included the same cards as in 2000 with the addition of Kit's Series 2001 cards. The 2001 Series were cards #31-60, with #60 being a checklist of all 60 cards. The 2001 Series was Kit's second card set. Kit's 2001 Series are the very hard to find today since they were only sold for one year, and no boxed sets featuring Kit were ever made.

By far, Kit's 2001 Series are the most hard to find AG card series today due to their rarity.

This site now includes images of each of the 30 cards in the 2001 Kit series, since this may be the only way many AG collectors will ever see them due to their scarcity. Clicking on the card names listed below will bring up these larger images.

31. A Penny Pincher Party
32. Aunt Millie
33. Suds and Surprises
34. At Work in the Gardens
35. For a Nickel
36. Chickens!
37. Abandoned
38. Grace
39. An Invitation
40. At the Station
41. Riding the Rails
42. Will Shepherd
43. The Harvest
44. Clean-Cut
45. The Hobo Jungle
46. Discovered!
47. Hobo Code
48. Trapped!
49. Changes for America
50. Young and Old
51. Music to Do the Dishes By
52. A Worn-Out Welcome
53. In Heaven
54. Inky
55. Discouraged
56. In the News!
57. Downtown Cincinnati
58. A Pleasant Escape
59. Valerie Tripp
60. Kit Checklist 1-60

2002 Series - 17 Cards

In 2002, new sets of cards for all of the girls were created. For Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy and Josefina, these new cards featured new illustrations and information which came from the so-called Short Story books that had come out for these girls in the previous two years. The 2002 series card set for each of the first seven girls, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Josefina and Kit included 16 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and 3 stickers, while Kaya's 2002 series card set included 30 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and 5 stickers. The 2002 Series would be Kit's third card set.

1. A Thorn in Kit's Side
2. Go, Kit!
3. Help Wanted?
4. Home Run!
5. The Great Depression
6. Tough Times
7. Morning Chores
8. The Truth
9. Make-Believe
10. Kit's Surprise
11. Aunt Millie
12. Dog Days
13. Just Plain Will
14. Trapped!
15. Roving Reporters
16. Letter to the Editor
Kit Checklist 1-16
Sticker 1 (Portrait)
Sticker 2 (Sliding down bannister)
Sticker 3 (Sitting)

2008 Series - 10 Cards

To coincide with the release of the Kit Kittredge Movie, one new card set was produced in June 2008. The set was a movie cards set of 10 cards. This rare card set has never been seen for sale from American Girl either from their online store or through catalogues. This set is only known to have been given out for publicity purposes as part of the movie's press kit.

Kit's movie trading cards set came in card packs containing a set of all 10 unnumbered cards from the 2008 Series Molly cards. The 2008 Series Molly set is a pack of ten trading cards wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper and featuring photos of scenes from the new movie, which was released to theaters on July 2nd, 2008. Each card includes trivia questions, word scrambles, and information about the characters. The 2008 Series would be Kits's fourth card set. The cards were not numbered. The card reference numbers given below are provided as an aid to collectors.

(1) Meet Kit Kittredge - and Abigail Breslin
(2) Meet Ruthie Smithens - and Madison Davenport
(3) Meet Sterling Howard IV - and Zach Mills
(4) Meet Will Shepherd - and Max Thieriot
(5) Meet Countee Garvey - and Willow Smith
(6) Monkey Business
(7) Background
(8) Movie Magic
(9) Grace
(10) Something to be Thankful For

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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