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Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl of strength and spirit growing up in Minnesota in 1854. After a long, dangerous voyage with her family from Sweden to America, Kirsten finds it difficult to get used to a new country and a new way of life. But as she makes friends and discovers what her new land has to offer, she learns the true meaning of home - and that love is the same in any language.

Along with Samantha and Molly, Kirsten was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986.


Meet Kirsten

Kirsten's Baking Outfit

Summer Outfit

School Dress with Shawl II

Apron Dress

Work Outfit

Saint Lucia Gown

Winter Outfit (Blouse, Skirt & Hair Ribbons)

Housecoat & Sockor


Flannel Underwear


Kirsten's Accessories

Kirsten's Holiday Treats

Saint Lucia Wreath

Knit Woolens

Kirsten's Doll


Friendship Quilt & Quilt Kit

Pioneer School Lunch II

Slate bag & Supplies

Mama Cat & Kitten

Hair ribbons


Nighttime Necessities

Red Boots

Two-Tone Boots

Shoes & Socks

Mini Kirsten Doll and Book


Kirsten's Trestle Table & Chairs II

Trestle Table & Chairs I

Single Pine Chair I

Bed & Friendship Quilt




Kirsten Book Collection

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten Learns a Lesson

Kirsten's Surprise

Happy Birthday, Kirsten

Kirsten Saves the Day

Changes for Kirsten

Welcome to Kirsten's World

Kirsten's Paper Dolls II

Kirsten's Magnetic Mini World

The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery by Kathleen Ernst

Kirsten Story Collection II


Kirsten, along with Sam and Molly are clearly the most popular historical American Girl dolls and so few items have been retired. Kirsten's 1997 Special Edition outdoor outfit was a skating outfit. Around 2002, Kirsten's Dirndl dress and Kerchief was discontinued along with the Winter Pastimes and Fourth of July Fun accessory sets. The snowshoes from the winter set are now available by themselves.

Originally, the mother cat and kitten available as Kirsten's pets were black colored, but in the Holiday 2000 catalog they were replaced with the current gray mother cat and kitten. That same year, the material that Kirsten's school dress was made from changed. Also, Kirsten's lunch tine (tee-na) was redesigned in 2000 with a more elaborate decorative design. There have been two versions of Kirsten's Saint Lucia Christmas Tray. The original tray had handles that stuck out from the tray, and the new tray, which appeared in Summer 1995 and which is still available, had handles that stuck up along the sides.

In July 2004, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Josefina, Addy and Kit's "Stories & Outfits Collections with Caddy" were all retired. January 2006 saw the retirement of Kirsten's Plaid Dress & Shawl. One month later, in February 2006, all of the historical girl short story books were retired including all five of Kirsten's short stories. In December of 2006 Kirsten's Midsummer's outfit and her School Bench were retired. With the exception of the black cats which are hard to find, the rest of Kirsten's retired items are readily available on Ebay and their going prices are fairly reasonable.

In 2007, a number of items of Kirsten's collection were retired including her Recess Set, Saint Lucia Tray II, Fishing Set, Pottery Set, Party Treats, Kirsten's Story Collection book, Short Story Collection and both posters.

Swedish Dirndl & Kerchief

Skating Outfit & Skates

Checked Dress

Plaid Dress & Shawl

Midsummer Outfit
(Dress, Bouquet, Basket & Flowers)

Kirsten's Recess Set
(Wool Coat, Hat, Beanbag Toss Target & Three Beanbags)

School Dress with Shawl (original dress material) until 1999

Winter Pastimes (Paper Dolls & Thaumatrope) & Snowshoes

Fourth of July Fun

Pioneer School Lunch I (Bread, Sausage, Cheese, Apple & Napkin)

Saint Lucia Tray I

Saint Lucia Tray II

Fishing Set

Pottery Set

Party Treats

Mama Cat & Kitten (Black Cat & Kitten) Until 1999

School Bench

Kirsten's Scenes & Settings

Kirsten's World Map

Pastimes (Contains Theater Kit, Paper Dolls, Craft Book and Cook Book)

Kirsten's TheaterKit

Kirsten's Paper Dolls

Kirsten's Craft Book

Kirsten's Cook Book

Kirsten Story Collection

Kirsten on the Trail

Kirsten and the New Girl

Kirsten and the Chippewa

Kirsten Snowbound!

Kirsten's Promise

Kirsten Short Story Set (Trail, New Girl, Chippewa)

Craft Book & Kit

Kirsten's Short Story Collection (Hardcover) [ISBN: 1593691211]

Kirsten's Meet Poster

Kirsten's Reading Poster

Kirsten's Stationery Set

Doll Dress Patterns (Spoon Bag, School Dress & Shawl, Apron Dress, Flannel Underwear and Nightgown)

Kirsten's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

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