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Josefina Montoya is a girl of heart and hope growing up in New Mexico in 1824. Ever since her Mama died, Josefina and her sisters have bravely met the challenges of the rancho without her. As they watch the new americano traders arrive from the east, they struggle to hold on to their mother's love and the old ways she taught them. Josefina dreams of becoming a healer like her Tia Magdalena. She feels lucky to have her family and faith to guide her!

Added in 1997, Josefina was the sixth American Girl, and the third to be added after the series was launched with Kirsten, Samantha and Molly in 1986.


Josefina Doll

Josefina's Fiesta Dress

Feast Day (Birthday) Outfit

Summer Riding Outfit

Indigo Skirt & Camisa

Christmas Dress & Mantilla

Party Dress & Spencer Jacket

Winter Wear (Sarape, Wide-Brimmed Black Hat, Socks, Petticoat, Leather Pouch & Letter)



Josefina's Accessories

Riding Boots

Birthday Dishes & Party Treats

Weaving Loom

Christmas Accessories

Adobe Oven & Food Set II - New!

Nina Doll


Heirloom Accessories (Shawl, Fan & Choker)

Sombrita the Baby Goat

Hair Ribbons

Shoes & Socks

Mini Josefina Doll and Book


Bed & Bedding

Bedside Table

Writing Desk & Stand

New Mexican Table & Chairs

Single Chair



Josefina Book Collection

Meet Josefina

Josefina Learns a Lesson

Josefina's Surprise

Happy Birthday, Josefina

Josefina Saves the Day

Changes for Josefina

Josefina Just For Fun Book

Josefina's Paper Dolls

Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery written by Kathleen Ernst, illustrated by Jean Paul Tibbles

Josefina's Fiesta Event Kit
[Apparently Only Available to Book Distributors]

Josefina's Magnetic Mini World

Josefina Frame Puzzles
(Three 50-piece oval-shaped puzzles)

Josefina Story Collection II


Considering the fact that Josefina was introduced in 1998, she has had a lot of items retired. Many of her items (piano, winter wear, table/chairs, loom, birthday stuff, birthday outfit, summer story, toy farm, Santa Fe fun set and riding dress) were introduced in the Holiday 1998 catalog. Several of these items were retired in 2001 after being available for only 3 years. Not surprisingly, the retired toy farm, and Santa Fe Fun sets are not common on Ebay, and Josefina's piano has only been up for auction a few times on Ebay in the last few years. Of all Retired AG Items, the most rare and expensive must be Josefina's piano which sells on Ebay for around $650!

Since Josefina was introduced in 1998, she never had a Special Edition outdoor outfit or a Scenes & Settings book like the first five girls. Interestingly, the artwork for a proposed Josefina Scenes & Settings book was created and can be seen on the Items That Never Were page.

Josefina's Christmas Eve Set was retired in 2003.

In July 2004, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Josefina, Addy and Kit's "Stories & Outfits Collections with Caddy" were all retired.

In February 2006, all of the historical girl short story books were retired including all five of Josefina's short stories.

In 2007, a number of items of Josefina's collection were retired including her Herb-Gathering Outfit, Weaving Outfit, Picnic Lunch, Cocina Supplies, Nighttime Necessities, her Short Story Collection and both posters.

Harvest Outfit

Herb-Gathering Outfit (Shawl, Gathering Basket with Herb Bunch, Mortar and Pestle & Bird Flute)

Weaving Outfit


Picnic Lunch

Toy Farm

Santa Fe Summer Fun (Clay Flute, Telescope & Pouch, US & Mexican Flags, Mirror, Tortoise)

Christmas Eve Set

Adobe Oven & Bread Set I

Books & Supplies

Cocina Supplies

Nighttime Necessities

Josefina's Stationery Set

Josefina's Short Story Collection (Hardcover) [ISBN: 1593691246]

Josefina Story Collection

Josefina's World Map

Josefina's TheaterKit

Josefina's Craft Book

Josefina's Paper Dolls

Josefina's Cook Book

A Reward for Josefina

Again, Josefina!

Just Josefina

Josefina's Song

Thanks to Josefina

Josefina Short Story Set (Reward, Again, Just)

Josefina's Meet Poster

Josefina's Reading Poster

Pastimes (Contains Theater Kit, Paper Dolls, Craft Book and Cook Book)

Welcome to Josefina's World

Doll Dress Patterns (Christmas Dress, Camisa, Skirt, Sash, Manton, Reboza and Nightshift)

Josefina's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

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