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Ivy Ling, the middle child in a busy Chinese American household, feels invisible. Her mother has gone back to school to become a lawyer, and her father has two jobs to keep the family afloat. And if that's not enough, Ivy's best friend, Julie Albright, has moved to another part of San Francisco. The only place Ivy feels at home is at gymnastics. But this year the big gymnastics tournament is scheduled for the same day as the annual Ling family reunion. Ivy wrestles with a difficult choice. With her brother's help, Ivy realizes that she can take charge of her own life - and make her own luck.

Ivy was introduced in 2007 as the friend doll for Julie Albright. Ivy is the first historical doll with Asian features. Inexplicably, Ivy is also the only historical doll without a mini doll and without her own trading card set.


Meet Ivy (Face Detail)

Ivy's New Year Outfit

Ivy's Rainbow Romper


Ivy's Accessories
(Denim bag, Gold-toned Chandelier Earrings, Raspberry-colored Beret, Replica of an Ancient Chinese Coin)


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Good Luck, Ivy
(Written by Lisa Yee, illustrated by Susan McAliley and Robert Hunt.

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