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Addy Walker is a proud, courageous girl who escapes from slavery with her mother in 1864. Together they embark on a dangerous journey to the North, hoping one day to reunite their family. Addy learns to read and write, makes new friends, and discovers what being free really means. Throughout it all, she holds on to her love and hope to get her through the worst of times and keep her dreams alive.

Addy joined the American Girl collection in 1993, and was the second girl to be introduced after the series was launched with Kirsten, Samantha and Molly in 1986.


Meet Addy

Addy's Sunday Best
(Full skirt with ribbon trim and puffed sleeves, Hat decorated with fabric flowers and Ribbon)

Flower-Picking Outfit
(Dress, Gingham Hair Ribbon & Bouquet) [Used to be Kite Flying Outfit]

Summer Dress & Straw Hat

Birthday Pinafore & Snood

Tartan Plaid Dress

Winter Coat



Addy's Accessories

Ida Bean Doll

Derby & Mittens

Family Album Quilt

Heartwarmer & Slippers

Lace-up Boots

Shoes & Socks

Addy's Ice Cream Set II (Cherry Pie, Metal Pie Pan, Wooden Ice Cream Maker, 3 Crocheted Doilies, 2 Ceramic Bowls, 2 Forks, Metal Spatula, Ceramic Vase & Fabric Flowers)

Mini Addy Doll and Book


Bed & Family Album Quilt

Lazy Susan Table & Chairs



Addy Book Collection

Meet Addy

Addy Learns a Lesson

Addy's Surprise

Happy Birthday, Addy

Addy Saves the Day

Changes for Addy

Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery by Evelyn Coleman [ISBN: 1593691629]

Addy Story Collection II


Like Sam, Molly, Kirsten and Felicity, Addy had a Special Edition outdoor outfit in 1997. Addy's special edition was a stilting outfit that came with a fun pair of stilts. Her red Patriotic Outfit, which was introduced in the Holioday 1995 catalog, was discontinued in 2001. With the exception of the Stilting Outfit, Sweet Potato Pudding Set and Bandbox which are quite rare, Addy's retired items turn up fairly regularly on Ebay.

In July 2004, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Josefina, Addy and Kit's "Stories & Outfits Collections with Caddy" were all retired. Addy's Kite Flying Outfit, which came out in February 2004, was redesigned in January 2006 to become the Flower Picking Outfit. At that same time, Addy's Cape Island Dress was also retired. With the exception of the Stilting Outfit, Sweet Potato Pudding Set and Bandbox which are quite rare, Addy's retired items turn up fairly regularly on Ebay.

In February 2006, all of the historical girl short story books were retired including all five of Addy's short stories. That same month, Addy's cutter sled was retired. Late December 2006 saw the retirement of Addy's Gardening set.

In 2007, many items of Addy's collection were retired including her School Suit, Striped Dress, Work Dress, Undies, Needlework Kit, Ironstone Compote Set, Tin Pail Lunch, School Desk, Story Collection book, Short Story Collection and both posters.

In 2009, Addy's African Dance Outfit, Songbird & Sweets, Ice Cream Freezer I, Party Treats, Nighttime Necessities, Work Shoes, Hair Ribbons and Washstand were retired along with several books: Addy's World book, Paper Dolls II, Magnetic Mini World and her Frame Puzzles.

Stilting Outfit & Stilts

Patriotic Dress
(Dress, Sash, Rosette & Scroll)

Cape Island Dress

Kite Flying Outfit
(Dress, Gingham Hair Ribbon & Kite)

School Suit & Blouse

Striped Dress

Work Dress & Apron

African Dance Outfit of Today
(Leotard, Skirt, Headband, Golden Cuff Bracelet, Choker & Ankle Bracelet)


Satchel & School Supplies

Songbird & Sweets

Ice Cream Freezer

Party Treats

Nighttime Necessities

Work Shoes


Church Fair Fun (Wooden Puppet Stage & 2 Spool Puppets, Slide Whistle & 2 Backdrops)

Winter Fun
(Mancala Game, Sansa & Myriorama Puzzle)

Needlework Kit & Lamp (Needle Book, Hoop, Apron, Make-Believe Kerosene Lamp)

Ironstone Compote Set

Tin Pail Lunch

Gardening Supplies

Sweet Potato Pudding Set
(Recipe, Bowl, Spoon, Skillet & Holly)

Hair Ribbons

Cutter Sled

Double Desk


Single Chair

Addy's TheaterKit

Addy's Paper Dolls

Addy's Craft Book

Addy's Cook Book

Addy's Scenes & Settings

Addy Story Collection

Addy's Short Story Collection (Hardcover) [ISBN: 159369122X]

Welcome to Addy's World

Addy Short Story Set (High Hopes, Studies Freedom, Little Brother)

High Hopes for Addy

Addy Studies Freedom

Addy's Little Brother

Addy's Wedding Quilt

Addy's Summer Place

Pastimes (Contains Theater Kit, Paper Dolls, Craft Book and Cook Book)

Craft Book & Kit

Addy's World Map

Addy's Stationery Set

Addy's Meet Poster

Addy's Reading Poster

Addy's Paper Dolls

Addy's Magnetic Mini World

Addy Frame Puzzles
(Three 50-piece oval-shaped puzzles)

Addy's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

Doll Dress Patterns (Kerchief, School Suit & Blouse, Tartan Plaid Dress, Winter Coat and Nightgown)

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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